Judgment Day Has a Cosmic Voice


That strange flower, the sun,
Has been speaking in sun spots, solar flares
Telling us the world is looking ugly
Overcrowded, corrupt, without dignity

A massive truft of light
In the pollution of greed
Upon the animal pupil’s eyes
Those strange diamonds, the stars,

Have been talking about shooting stars
Telling us humanity is being judged
By higher powers, and the people are sad
They live in such a world

Economics has become the new dogma
An unholy God that lets a few profit
While people die every day
That ancient body, the ocean, Has been listening to us war for many millennia
Who listens for the snow, finding winter
Worrying about the end-days that are to come.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/West-Highlands-Sunset-399150633

8 thoughts on “Judgment Day Has a Cosmic Voice

  1. Your poetry breaths of fresh air and its creativeness is a pure imaginative journey into the mind of a poet like yourself. I like this very much sir. and thank you for always “Like” my work.

    Have you read it already? I very much like to hear your interpretation on my newest blog. In case your wondering what its about…Disneyland, The darkside of Disneyland and the worst place on earth.

  2. “Who listens for the snow, finding winter” is the most beautiful line of tension i have seen in poem for a long time. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing this poem. It was very moving. Especially now with everything going on in the news, politics, and so much more.

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