Sleeping on the wings of poetry


I’ve satisfied the poetry in me
by mastering luminous humility
I can chew personal poems in
the meditation against coercion

it’s a lifelong habit to read & write
though I’d prefer a mandarin certificate
than another restoration of crisis
through and by writing, soaring there –

I’ve satisfied the poetry in me
or so I always think, before and after
I wrote the last, till the penning of the next
veering upward like a pigeon with

an unworldly frown, I laugh to think
at how the car honks, door slams, angels cry
of a trillion worlds, while I can simply write
poetry is the last beautiful language
difficult though it has always been to me.

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4 thoughts on “Sleeping on the wings of poetry

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  2. This is a beautiful piece!
    It’s amazing how I just wrote a piece about the late Kofi Awooner who shared with me the same sentiments about poetry. He said poetry is a painting of humanity and that it’s records the heart of humanity. We cannot separate ourselves from it.
    I will miss the old man and it’s terrible that his recent death was due to a cowardly act by the Al Shabaab during a siege at one of our big malls in Kenya 😦

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