Requiem for Everyone


Everything has its own hour
Where loved, treasured, not sold –

becomes our everything for a time
Until ‘nothing can last forever’ becomes
the day, the month, the mysterious year
where fate can unravel in a turn

So be it, looted, betrayed, traded, doomed
Our life is a mystery of cherry perfume

of laughter and fountains, transparent
as the constellations which depict
the cosmic story of individuality
miraculous, dark and the stories

We have always known until they
Happen to us, we encompass everything
Eaten by time’s hunger, under the wing of stars.

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6 thoughts on “Requiem for Everyone

      • Well I think you shgould just work at writing well and lucid and the audience part will take care of itself. That is what attracted me to this poem. It was all those things. There is something to be said for quality of thought over quantityu of action. At times we can find ourselves taken good ideas and sowing them in too many fields at once and what grows is stunted.>KB

  1. I feel close to this poem, like it’s another version of me who wrote it. I am captivated by your ending…”eaten by time’s hunger, under the wing of stars.” Temporality of all things has become the basis of my heart of hearts. LS

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