The Pink Swan of Pleasure


This night, I sit at vigil with desire
Remembering your love-cries that echoes
In my solar cavity, when we
Danced in the sea of pleasure
Bathing in the primal soup of full measures
And deft openings, where

The world became the purest joy
And our hearts trembled with excitement
Our eyes spoke then with our enflamed parts
And our bodies were tied in a worldly embrace
You sat on me like a fortunate lover
Smiling with all of your body, a cellular delight

And we revised how to kiss, and how to
Surrender ourselves to the fury of physical love
Sighing and dying, we wooed a lover’s destiny
There and then, back into our lives
Breathless and worn out, only morning could end
With her white light, the laughter
Of how we knew ourselves, in each other.

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9 thoughts on “The Pink Swan of Pleasure

  1. “This night, I sit at vigil with desire / Remembering your love-cries that echoes …” “… smiling with all your body.” Such a powerful start and powerful imagery. This is excellent work. I will be back when my mind is more serene, so I spend some quality time with your work.

  2. Something that tugs my heartstrings with “love-cries that echo in my solar cavity” and “we revised how to kiss”. Such simple statements that keep spiraling and expanding the more I read them. What magnetism between two you’ve captured here. Reminds me of the intensity of my ephemeral love story… Thank you. LS

  3. Very dynamic picture – love that! A very intense poem. After “sighing and dying”, being left “breathless and worn out” – was almost insufficient as a release. In a good way 🙂

  4. Wuji, we’ve had a few chats. Wanted to let you know that I started an anon blog at so that I could express this kind of work. I love your poetry, especially that deals with eros.

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