Saucy Seraphs of Death


Death sets a thing to its significance
That was insufficient in life
The eye that hurried through

Goals, perished for its workmanship
We all work in crayon, and wool –
Industrious by passing necessity

As other creatures who have eyes
I see no other way, this world
Profits from the business of death

The distance of youth floods
Departs like the Grace departs
For each beloved hour, each beloved year

Death sets a thing to its significance
There are no tears that measure for the dead
Incognito, dust, how intricate the weeping dust!

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7 thoughts on “Saucy Seraphs of Death

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your work here on the blog. I enjoy it so much! May I link to it from my poetry blog “Baihu’s Haikus”? I also write a tarot blog, and the phrase “Death sets a thing to it’s significance” distills several paragraphs of a recent post to a sentence…may I quote you on or at least direct readers here?

    Thank you again.

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