Ages Beneath a Yellow Sun


I felt a Springtide, in my heart
And Celebrators to and fro
They kept treading summer
Even beneath the Autumn’s glow

I felt a Funeral, in my brain
And Mourners to take part –
That sense was breaking through
In departing friends of youth

I felt a Quiver, in my fate
And service to the choice
Of freedom and love’s satiety
Making a Crease across my soul

And all the Heavens were a Bell
That run O’ so clearly in the silence
Where I am solitary, undiminished
Finished knowing, I check my pulse

With a pencil, larger than Serenity
I felt all the problems bending low
And a Scarlet prison of the World’s ills
They kept perpetuating history

While a few of us chased
The Delirious Charter of futurity.

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