God Permits Industrious Angels


Time, too much, too little
I do not want to live forever
Forever, composed of recurrent nows

There is no exception
To this simulation
Time changes everything

Except for Infiniteness
Those latitudes of home
That we can imagine past biology

Removes the dates, duality
Of mind, faulty perception
There are dimension beyond time

These months dissolve
Into further months, the years
Give way to an exhaling them

And the seconds pound like
Heart-beats of forever now
I do not want to live forever

And I won’t, though miss these weeks
Maybe, without internal debate
Or external pause, life is what it is

Celebrated days among the tragedies
No different from the stuff
The years themselves are made of

Time, too much, too little
You have executed memory
And composed a crystallization of “I”

Though I know it’s not real
There is no exception
To this simulation.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/no-time-48613390

5 thoughts on “God Permits Industrious Angels

  1. Thanks, lovely poetry full of thoufght as usual Wuji dear, makes me think that were i proffered the option of eternal life – would i like the indian gods crave for it or – reject the kind offer – after all whats to compare with the romance of mortality? – not to ever know what pain feels like, what ephemeral youth, what transient romance, what the experience of debilitating age, the value of time, the sorrow of those one loved having passed away, the nostalgia of a past that will never return, – so Wuji what then would you choose – eternal life, or the 4 saure best of what is allowed?

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