A Moment of Creative Seeing


I bring three things for an impossible meeting
To the workshop of your mind
Reproduced like old art books
On the coffee table never opened

Strength, skill and beauty
Above all, the reminder of human spirit
The easy gait of a lifetime of learning
I bring to you the philosophy of self-expression

The movement of harmony
In lost words, triumphant until the end of the world
Ready-made like language, and alien
As the moment of the surprise of enchantment

I bring three things for an impossible meeting
The shimmering of deftness in the brain
Reproduced like ancient books
In the library in an age where we no long read

Strength, skill and beauty, above all strength
The will to create a new world at every meeting
With the previous construct of reality.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hidden-within-the-Flowers-410798676

The Separate Notebooks


The moment, an eternal figment
Abides in writing, somewhere
In the script that set our mind apart
Forgotten, were conventions of literature

All was like an embassy of poetry
Where the full moon rolls out and
Like the ritual of kissing, we salute
The huge reflected umbrella of the stars

Down into the river banks
Of a midsummer night, the Earth
A blanket of supernatural powers
While your endless flowing of words

Carries on for however many years
You are given, the moment endures:
The moment only, an eternal fragment
That you shared with all that shares

As speakers of the living, as the bells
In sunken cities of ancient lands
The future comes sooner than expected
To the Separate Notebooks of
The imagination without bounds.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Calm-411050240