No woman can compass despair
As one without a child, husband, family
For we as Travelers proceed

Not in a man’s world, but our own
Unconscious of the Width of Time
Unaware of evolution’s secrets hid in us

To pilot necessity without loving arms…
It is a Crucifixion to be a modern woman
With unequal pay, and duties more –

Breadwinners this time, history affirms
The feminine strength, endurance, beauty more
Than lazy men, so ignorant, so inhuman

Perhaps world, you should be ashamed
To shut out women from management
The true stewards of the Earth, those who care

No woman can compass despair
As pioneers who must strive as would men
In the bodies of women, to suffer more!

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10 thoughts on “Sexism

    • As a man who was raised by women, and quite alienated by men, I found it hard to tackle this topic without a bit of men-bashing (which includes myself at times)…I’ve married a very traditional Asian woman which makes things complicated for my gender role ha

  1. I really liked this poem. Most words that end with ism seem to have a negative connotation…of course that is just my opinion. That is why I don’t like the word. I love that you appreciate women and your mom. Thank you for your tribute. =)

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