Treatise on Ibn Arabi


Deliver us, O Mother Nature
From our own tremendous greed
It is a burden that weighs down
Even the Seas, Sea of all names

O lover – whoever you are –
If you love the beloved
Who is beyond the veil of seen
And invisible, take shelter in nature

For we were not made to be cruel
Let your shortcoming turns to fruition
Of virtues unimaginable before –
Thou art the hidden season of they own transformation

How can we truly love God when we
Masquerade as intelligent beings
Being too smart, sometimes that is what kills
How many have we killed for God
That was not natural, but man-made?

God Lives in the World like we Do


One must be very particular about
Giving everything to the grace
The Universal decides our fate

Through surrender one can realize God
Whatever God might be at the time
A man is truly free when she knows

Her true nature, and follows it –
For to discard our truth would be
To lie to ourselves and deprive the world

Of what we were truly meant to be:
One must be very particular about love
Giving our love to the Divine in us

It’s not a question of desire or beloveds
It’s a question of listening to the Universal
Through selfless work, loving the world
One can talk to God as I’m talking to you.

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A Treatise on Ramakrishna


The Universal is the goal of all men
They do not know it, though some
Have a sense of it behind
Their universal suffering leads them –

God is of course in all creatures
But all men are not Universal
That is why we suffer so
If you desire to be pure

Find the way to the ultimate surrender
God can be realized through all paths
All religions are true, the roof of the spirit
Is all the same, by any stairs

Stone stairs, wood stairs, bamboo!
Many good sayings are found in holy books
But the Universal belongs to the youth
Pray to the Universal that attachment
To transitory things diminishes
For true comfort is a spiritual condition.