Treatise on Jesus of Nazareth


But I say to you, Love your
Enemy as you would your Neighbor
Your Neighbor as you would your Mother

Do not persecute these or yourself
Father who is in heaven; he would not approve
Be compassionate for all creatures

Do not let your hearts be troubled
Trust in yourself, as the universe incarnate
Trust also in others, as if they were you

Ask for it and these be given unto you;
Search for it, and she will find you –
Love, like the universe opens all doors for you

A new command you were given:
Love one another, as nature gave you life
Free of possibility, full of potential

For the universe loved her many children
Eternal life endures, like a lover
Whose objects are not limited, but unlimited

Whose bliss is unconditional, not only for thy family
but I say to you, Love more if you want
To be closer to perfection, keep only possessions

In your heart, that is thy only commandment
For what shall it profit a being, who forgets how to love?

8 thoughts on “Treatise on Jesus of Nazareth

  1. What’s with the ‘Treatises’? Have suddenly found a niche needing to be filled? I’m not saying you s\houldn’t do them but perhaps space them out. It is beginning to sound preachy to tell the truth. I don’t mean it as a slight, just saying. >KB

    • To the contrary – I find the Treatises quite lovely. 🙂 This one I particularly enjoyed; as mlhe mentioned, I think Jesus would like it.

  2. well done dear Wuji, dont worry about what people may say – the Sermon on the mound is everybody’s property to interpret the way he feels in his heart – and i liked the way you put it – coming from the heart nothing is preachy – wonderful thoughts on the eve of Chritmas – as a Hindu I love Jesus for his sermon on the mound and more as much as I love his namesake – Krishna ( Chr= Kri, Ist= ish na ), both gentle loving, deeply philosophical yet practicle in their preachings -be they they Biblical or Bhagvad Gita – amen/ Aum

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