Treatise on Hafiz II


Dear one, stay close to anything
That makes you glad you are alive –
Bring your cup near to bliss-touch
Empty it of all other substance!

You are joy-awoken heart pouring with light
You are the full moon, in the center of each eye
Dear one, let your language urge
Each to their divine source!

Say those things, that every other
Eye in this world is dying to hear?
Love is that funeral pyre
Where I am extinguished, where I

Have laid my living body to exchange
Greetings and throbbing moments, with you
Where we might sit and play music
Dear one, cleave to your true friends

Who show you the beautiful eyes of their souls
For the root of all these scents and sounds
Is but the sharing of the course
Come in my dear, from the harsh world

You who have felt elements
Upon your tender face, you
Who would receive a toast form us
You don’t have to act crazy anymore –

The Earth would die if the sun
Stopped kissing her, so let me feel
All your suffering and sordid past
In my loving arms, once again.

Treatise on Thich Nhat Hanh


Sometimes your joy is the source
Of your smile, sometimes your smile
Is the source of your joy, do not be

Too modest, or too frugal –
Walk as if you are kissing the Earth
With your feet, touch the body of

The world with your hands
As if you were a newborn child
Sometimes your suffering becomes

The familiar territory you cling to
But do not fear the unknown, it is
The place where experience hunts you

And by hunting what is new, you are reborn
Because you are alive, everything is possible
Smile, breathe and go slowly

Watch everything for little miracles
Wake up in the morning, and smile
Plant seeds of joy for each day

Your actions are your only belongings
So drink your tea slowly and reverently
Without rushing towards the future
For your life has to be your message.