Treatise on Sol


I remember the gifts from the Earth
Insensible as golden clay
Delicious as emerald Spring

So we go there, where nothing is waiting
One in five stars has an Earth
But my home is a living ruby

Of humanity’s journey through history
A magical thorn of slow winters
Shadows of silent waters

Bouquets of fields-flowers dancing in the wind
My home is Sol, friendly palace
Of crazy roots, dreaming forests

Intelligent Cities, helpful beings
I remember the gifts from the Earth
Her love that rocked me like

The source of blood and carnations
The rock and salad of my foundations
Yellow moments of beloved Autumns

Everything was so alive there
The fragrant luminous Moon
The sea-circle cluster of buds

And wildlife with the wild speed of whiteness
Wonders soft, as the burning of wood with music
And Beautiful women and children

With new measures like swans and lilies
And crystal computers with the hunger to improve
We sniffed the hot twilight of summers
And craved the savage harvests of the future.

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9 thoughts on “Treatise on Sol

    • Thanks, I spent the day immersed in thoughts on astronomy and our golden age of discovering exoplanets, and it gave me a new sense of cherishing for our own planet.

  1. you are a boat of dreams, a drunken boat of golden dreams, and if we were on the same continent or in the same age decade, or anything close, i would ask you out on a date!!!!! poets are the greatest! no self-interest intended, as i too am a poet. i’m talking purely about the poet’s sensibility. we are the speaking souls of the planet, as you well illustrate!!!!!!

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