Whispers of The Rose


The temple bell dies away
An Empire scatters to the winds
But the scene of a flower
In the evening air

Is Immortal, like the Rose
Whose red-spirituality
Is still tolling the bell
Still Holding up the Empire

Of beauty, this haunts even the sun
A silence at the palace chambers
Of the mystic visionary heart
The dream of life from

All my other dreams, the last symbol
She spreads infinity scrawled
In her pink petals to the starry sea
Each time I encounter that

The sacred fire that is God’s temple lit
A unity of the universe in a leaf
I know the spirit wears its own plumes
Back to the source of our divinity.

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Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/rose-152423323

Sugar is a Necessary Prey

Hourly the lamp headed-nymphs Whisper to me through The lily root of my subconscious There is little shelter From the flutes of language Fish-mouthed mantras of poetry They flame in me frog-hoped The reebit of time’s fugitive Unfaithfulness to the … Continue reading

Sad Eyed Lyricist

I’ve spotted it with tears (I pronounced to all my living verse) Your infant faces are proof of it ! The crumbled years, the kissed cheeks White as snow, red as apples The harmonics of a life enriched By syllables … Continue reading

The Last Sunset

After I have reached The West for clothes of new colors I will perhaps know the rows Of ancient trees, like my ancestors I will know the two worlds That separated past and future Sunken to Ocean, lifted to skies … Continue reading

Disinherited Europe

To Spain, Greece, France and Italy These decades are birds of passage The years overwhelm with Information, change, economy instability I hear the beat of the future Hang low in the dewy atmosphere With a beat of glowing snow I … Continue reading

I Am Made to Bow


I affirm what Divinity affirms
What does God affirm?
So if you cannot negate
What God negates, how

Do you suppose to commune with her?
She knows that I am a member
Of ignorance-society, so she smiles
And ask me to have a sense of

Humour, I precede to fill my days
With signs of gratitude
For a Lord Supreme, nature
In the silence of earth-necessity

I affirm what evolution allows
Secretly, her powers of heaven-necessity
Immediately, faultlessly, working
Through me, as a Man who

Unknowingly crawls towards God
But women, breathlessly bow to Delight
Knowing divinity more intimately,
If I affirm those who empower nature

I must learn to serve women better.
My Beloved Supreme who
Teaches me how to give, not from capacity
But from striving to emulate her perfection.

Call to Poets: Contest: http://www.writerscafe.org/contests/Wuji-International-Poetry-Festival-IV/49425/ [more info at: https://seshatwuji.wordpress.com/wuji-international-poetry-festival/%5D

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Daria-f-429604421

Miracles Worth Living


Self-imprisonment began
The first day I escaped reality
Purity was my comfort

God was my last resort
I thought He would make
Some room for me

To stay in the Universe
As in his Heart
As long as I wanted to

I felt the Oneness of everything
A love that required
No explanation, peace

That needed no interpretation
Innocence, bliss, simplicity
Like a meditation to last

For lifetimes and eternities
Maybe, I became a sleepless
Dreamer, of God-Dreams

In my sutra, mantras, poems
With orphan-tears, maybe
Only God knows who I am

Only miracles of loving
Miracles of forgiving humanity
For the evolution of so much
Inequality, civil-war, pollution, vanity.

Call to Poets: Contest: http://www.writerscafe.org/contests/Wuji-International-Poetry-Festival-IV/49425/ [more info at: https://seshatwuji.wordpress.com/wuji-international-poetry-festival/%5D

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lady-in-White-in-Rain-292730320

The Female One Who Put Things in Order

Your body is as firm as bread Edible since you came out of The oven of life, to ovulate Four hundred times, scant opportunity To be a mother, I remind you The gravity of your attractiveness Is the taste of … Continue reading

My Little Hentai

The way we move is freestyle
We are lyrical in our hands-held
Our bodies touch spiritually!

We are a coming together
Of natural opposites
I am hard and heavy

You are wet and light
My hands mould to your
Curves, with iron-quickness

Sending quivers through your spine
Our art is holy love-making
Your breasts know my palms

Like midnight friends, in a field
Where we play in our shared bed
Our talent is in rocking

We craft our own bed-tricks
Like hungry composers of the night
For what we do is our shared ecstasy

And I am not inspired to finish
What you inspire so easily in me
But I invest years in the craft

Of knowing how to please your body
As if it were an extension of your spirit
I kiss you repeatedly until

You are all wet, like a cell ready
To find its collective destination
The way we move is freestyle

Our lips dance upon the tip
Of the moment, our flesh trickling
With the urgency of loving blood

That wraps itself around so tenderly
Like a baby-haiku, our hips meet
For the remedy, of an embattled day

Photo Courtesy: http://vitaly-sokol.deviantart.com/art/Art-Of-Sunrays-422571353

Mythology Agonized

Faye Wong

In the end, all that could be said
Stuck to the top of my mouth
My heart leapt

And fell back somewhere
Lost in the back of the Sun!
In the end, I still think of you

Like the pain of hurting
That never leaves, an end
That keeps repeating

And when they are ours
Fleeting hours that I know
You never think of me

For heaven wasn’t there
It was mine, my heart that broke
And will in a way, forever forego

The pleasures of being light & frolic
In my muscles, tense
There is a breath that never

Learned to let go, naked
With your face in my vision
On lost roads where you

Became my Goddess, agonized
Destined to be a mythical tragedy
In my spirit’s most unquiet hours.

Pictured: The beautiful Faye Wong, check out her Mandarin songs on youtube, she has a voice of silk. Wáng Fēi

Radiate Autistica


Nobody ever called me Sunshine
Like a recluse I endured
The sound of solitude
The place where love

Meets alienation, dear alienation
A Nation where I had myself
Like an autistic poet
Mumbling in the social dark

With a longing gone unsatisfied
For the friends I never made
I am not sorry for my soul
For it can live a thousand times

But for a message of the
Humblest of moods, I bid thee goodnight
Nobody ever called me Sunshine
Like a sophist of the imagination

I swallowed deep, the sense
Of this was how I was, an existence
Private was all that I held dear
Strikingly anonymous, lonely and profound

I bore my grief with gentleness
I never excited anyone too much
My presence didn’t light
Your brightest smile, my smiles

Were invisible, as if for books
The light in my eyes was pure
It was a shadowy room
To be an island unto oneself

I’m tired though, of being
Overly familiar with myself.
Without too much joy, pride or
The feeling of being free.

Concept Credit: http://carynedmond.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/142/comment-page-1/#comment-31
Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/swimming-in-rivers-424271515

Utopia of Perfectness of Subjectivity


Heaven is the deepest Mind
When all is dissolved
Galactic center, site-of-the-Architect

There I may recover
There I may be reborn
It is not for me to say if we are

Of Spiritual capacity, we all possess
A soul, something akin to a spirit
With or without adequate desire

Subliminal and Superconscient spark!
So look no further, than inside
That wish-well of subjectivity

Maker of eternal myths, reincarnated
From some collective-mind, again!
Heaven is a quantum space

Where we are all connected
Unity beyond nerve, intelligence behind cell
Purest posture of steady love

That Never bends, but bends all!
So let your soul seesaw, like a Dove
Through the invisible door, it does not

Want Oxygen, does not need wealth there
Its blood is comic, its empathy is perfect
So give yourself a soul, consummated
Let it bloom, for once in your life.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Accident-428701863

Wuji’s Moonlit Night


Facing snow, I sparkle with winter
Like tiny diamonds, carrying
Away my grieves, useless

Worries of the solitary snowflake
Falling ragged through the clouds
Snow dances with my feet

In the whirling wind, not green
The stove and my heart still
Look fiery red, through I cannot

Sit to read my books for grief
For grief is a dying thing
And Wuji hangs low with moonlight

Tonight, I watch the cosmic chambers
Alone, they don’t sink low like
They used to, when I was an astrologer

I do not see the jade arms of the stars
But together in brightness, through
The empty window, tears dried up.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/cuentos-de-domingo-427949260

Jade Dew


Jade dew are my hands
Jade dew are my feet
I walk from Autumn to Winter

Beneath the groves of maple trees
Memories within in the cold
Rivers freeze as waves rise

I am a lonely boat covered by snow
I must keep my heart to evening’s ends
Wuji to meet the night’s sky

Everyday I follow the road
To the Capital, so bleak with tears
That freeze before they hit the ground

Jade dew is my breath
Sad reed flutes in my head
I am a minstrel’s incense and song

Bathed in moonlight of a forgotten hour
This too shall pass, says the inner sage
I wait for quiet morning light

And the floating of forever-green
The coming of spring, when I am not poor
When upon the classics I may rest

In the wealth of the hopeful light
This world’s events seems too bitter
Hurried unlike my peaceful thoughts

I am too civil for civilisation’s unrest
The greed and corruption of the city
Has conquered the west, our palaces

Are now full of noblemen of a savage age
The Jade lake is now no more
Like shifting clouds, all has been changed

Bathed in a sun of dragon scales
The holy face I used to know is gone
Now I count the blue chains of our imprisonment

Pearls on curtains, embroidery on pillows
Tattoos on the poor, this land of emperors
Jade dew is my heart, I am of the server’s class

A peasant sees what others must ignore
I turn my head, sad now for the place of song and dance
That was once my home, I must leave it

Jade dew is my sweat, all waters move
To the same source, like the grandson of fishermen
Dew chills the lotus pond, fish are eaten

Oils are used, gold is hoarded
Beautiful women gathered to be used
I’ve lost the true image of life, growing old

My white head drones and gazes
Jade dew are the low branches, ah fragrant
The surplus is gone, but some things remain.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Asian-Mistique-57923544

Perfect Body of a Poem


O drops of me that trickle slow
The substance of my spirit
Last resort of Winter’s pause

That trickles for another Spring
I may never, unfold
Out of the fold of neurons

They are the inimitable poetry
Of the last woman, of my last year
Unfolded only by the finished inspiration

Of a lonely lifetime of writing
Unfolded, by the brawny embraces
Of mind pressing into words

With all the heart of great sympathies
O drops of me that end in blood
At last, I must give up this pen

To unfold out of the Folds
Of this humanity, will never do
There is too much to say

To ever write it in a poem
Though I admit the attempt
Was the poetic life of art for me.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ocean-Flower-426725554

Confident in Despair


Deprived of other Banquet,
I entertained to Risk –
With scant hope to change
But nutrition of Freewill

I’ve grown slender in poverty
With lucid soul withstanding all
‘Tis enough for me to Will
Freedom by hard-work’s decree

For we are all Pilgrims somehow
Reserved for hope & charity
Sometimes the giver, sometimes
The recipient, economy is well-scarce

The value of greatness was always
In Inner Wealth, never accepting failure
Bravery, is measure in kindness to oneself.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/By-Vasanth-Asokan-427895132

Last Poems


His – “last Poems”
Never felt quite complete
So he never stopped the silver beckoning

Poets – ended, with their voice lost
Unread, bundled for mediocrity
Not on record, but perished

Perhaps in a family journal
Found by grandchildren
Read for the briefest of moments

We all only but utter half a tune –
His poetry was thin-lipped madness
Writing to a Bridegroom, inside the self
Whose voice was a call from Eternity.

The Word-Maker


I write as quiet as the Dew
Accustomed then, to my private
Flower, in an accustomed inner-realm

Where I am a fictive dream
But a symbol on a page
Once white, now transparent blooms!

My words drop as softly as the stars
In less skillful melodies than before
Sorer to believe that I have a gift

The Bee of mantras is not afraid of me:
I know the Butterfly’s secret stanza-home
I race to silent woods cordially

With Brooks that laugh louder
Than the forgotten rhymes of time
I write as quiet as the Stream

Who sings of madder breezes at play
For we can only create natural things
Even in our Olympics of alphabets

Better to be a writer, than an actor on the stage –
I relate better to neighbors imaginary
Than the marketplace of the dead.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Adoration-427932167

Legends of Extinct Life


I pressed your dawns
Smooth open like marble
Touching your secret tunnels

Like the moisture of gold
with night-eyes hungered
For the fragrance

Of other strange worlds
I left the waters of childhood
For the earth-last lust

Of the home-star, Sol
The wind interrogated me
With the fire-blue sense

Of the open skies
I kissed the stone like
Autumn gardens

And hinted at the blooms
Of the clothes of our roots
The thicket of passion

Where ferocious intelligence
Seared a road across the impossible
I pushed sunsets until

The earths shock
My opportunity was a brief
Window of selfish centuries

Foam covered mornings
Which fled as fast as finite things
As the hips of your dark

Familiar clay fell back into the earth
I understood love, only
By the filter of time’s volcanoes

The moist half-open darkness
Of the brutal law of stars
Like a floating haiku
Of drifting kissing potential.

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fairyland-426265846

Next Human Species


From the door of stars
We fumbled for our future
As the silence of the ocean

Rolled against our tears
I laughed a wooden laugh
For the Earth that renews all

My hand a trembling care
Of Springs immemorial
My dazzled face

Caressed last hope
My daughter diviner been
When Acts and Will are done

Heaven must come one day
From the gate of music strewn
To melodies of other homes

Good news is given
From the minds of custodians
We leave behind petals of the Rose

For stranger Neptunes
With our computer ghosts
Quantum chariots of Immortality.

That They are Beautiful –


By Chivalries as tiny
With kindnesses so glum
And whistles of heart

Invisible as blossoms
In the dark, I bid thee
The traffic of fools

As errors make us laugh
And give life her charm
Do not be afraid

To make a mess
For Paradise requires sacrifice
A moat of pearls, to risk

The ironies full-speed
Fairer than fading
In mute withdrawal!

By chivalries so tiny
Of passions as free
Teasing the glittering

Of another day reborn
Give your eyes to others
With an unbidden smile
And electric of the heart
Shiny as the rarest buds.

Solemnize Me


I’ve learned art by poverty
In Meagre famine
This cup of spirituality

Acquired in reverse
With troubled questions
Explored undiscovered

Continents, no settler
Had in mind –
I’ve learned time by

Glowing years of Hands
Made empty, dust
Did scoop itself

In my loving eyes
Until waters wrecked
The skies, and leaves

Did hurry slow
To the royal regard
Of Angel scars.

My Soul was Caught in Morning


My soul accused me
Of a diamond tongue
That but only lingered

Between the royal stars
All else accused me
And thus I learned to smile –
A finger lifted of spirit
As clear as enamelled Fire

With wings of supernova
Carrying birth with light speed
And leaving a mark of poetry
For the absolute disdain of time.

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fragments-of-Glamour-424291313