Legends of Extinct Life


I pressed your dawns
Smooth open like marble
Touching your secret tunnels

Like the moisture of gold
with night-eyes hungered
For the fragrance

Of other strange worlds
I left the waters of childhood
For the earth-last lust

Of the home-star, Sol
The wind interrogated me
With the fire-blue sense

Of the open skies
I kissed the stone like
Autumn gardens

And hinted at the blooms
Of the clothes of our roots
The thicket of passion

Where ferocious intelligence
Seared a road across the impossible
I pushed sunsets until

The earths shock
My opportunity was a brief
Window of selfish centuries

Foam covered mornings
Which fled as fast as finite things
As the hips of your dark

Familiar clay fell back into the earth
I understood love, only
By the filter of time’s volcanoes

The moist half-open darkness
Of the brutal law of stars
Like a floating haiku
Of drifting kissing potential.

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fairyland-426265846

Next Human Species


From the door of stars
We fumbled for our future
As the silence of the ocean

Rolled against our tears
I laughed a wooden laugh
For the Earth that renews all

My hand a trembling care
Of Springs immemorial
My dazzled face

Caressed last hope
My daughter diviner been
When Acts and Will are done

Heaven must come one day
From the gate of music strewn
To melodies of other homes

Good news is given
From the minds of custodians
We leave behind petals of the Rose

For stranger Neptunes
With our computer ghosts
Quantum chariots of Immortality.

That They are Beautiful –


By Chivalries as tiny
With kindnesses so glum
And whistles of heart

Invisible as blossoms
In the dark, I bid thee
The traffic of fools

As errors make us laugh
And give life her charm
Do not be afraid

To make a mess
For Paradise requires sacrifice
A moat of pearls, to risk

The ironies full-speed
Fairer than fading
In mute withdrawal!

By chivalries so tiny
Of passions as free
Teasing the glittering

Of another day reborn
Give your eyes to others
With an unbidden smile
And electric of the heart
Shiny as the rarest buds.

Solemnize Me


I’ve learned art by poverty
In Meagre famine
This cup of spirituality

Acquired in reverse
With troubled questions
Explored undiscovered

Continents, no settler
Had in mind –
I’ve learned time by

Glowing years of Hands
Made empty, dust
Did scoop itself

In my loving eyes
Until waters wrecked
The skies, and leaves

Did hurry slow
To the royal regard
Of Angel scars.