The Female One Who Put Things in Order


Your body is as firm as bread
Edible since you came out of
The oven of life, to ovulate

Four hundred times, scant opportunity
To be a mother, I remind you
The gravity of your attractiveness

Is the taste of being dissolved
In air, or water, or cold, or the sun
Tasted by all the human senses

Before we crumble into dust
Let our bodies mix their diamond-offerings
The beauty of our entwining breath

As we kiss, our significant
Of the Earth’s will to continue to live
Your body is as clean as the

First and last absolute substance
That thrills my nerve and mind
A star-thinged mouth of utmost joy

Thanks to our love, the treasured-most
Handful of earth that you are
The key to a vast planet of this

Multiplying universe, this fiery
Heart of living gold, there were
Our rumours of Global warming

We discovered a throng of
Extinguished constellations
New exoplanets, signs of life everywhere

Your burning form is still my
Ardent light, the planetary care
The salt-rose Mother of all daughters

The topaz arrow of creation
In secret, I traced your evolution
I love you because I know no other way

The feminine still rules in my chest
I feel you in the mountains like a breeze
And on the plains like a flower

You are the thickness that throbs
In my repeating cycles of blood
The adornment of my smaller steps

Through the sun’s daily shadows
I feel in your mineral hands the clasp
Of all that is important, real, magnificent

You are lightning bolt of a few blue flowers
Of my most manly and proud desires
The strange forest smell of my return

To love’s infinitely sustainable little nest
In your eyes I meet all my ancestors
In the elegant dance with your thirsty waist

Your orange-and-gasoline rainbow smile
I reverberate with your spine of platinum health
As I enter you like a messy chestnut mouth

To drink the inventory of your genome of beauty
I love you for your clarity of nurturance
Where I weave across your orgasms of star by star

Taste of water, wave after smoothing wave
I wake up crying for your fragrance
Your caress of wheat and health, all flashing

With the rapture of shadow and energy
With you I return to the dream of where
The light returns in her holistic sexual unity

I searched to remember you, where the
Insides and outsides dissolved, without separation
Due to the magic of your wildfire intelligence

That builds sweetness and unites, not divides
With all the splendour of celebration
The cherry-key to the universe, to momentary blues

To cherished final foams of white
To the petals that cluster for sunken bliss
Questing for divinity, through life’s channels

I married you in the tunnels where
The moon lived, where the sun did not abandon
Till your beauty and poverty combined

With my ruggedness and wealth
And we belonged to a naked semi-sentience
Where the curved, subtle, rosy underground

Of the new species was born, enhanced, digitally aware
Creating a new republic from the ashes of empires
Your order brings back the doves, horizons, sweet homes.

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