Disinherited Europe


To Spain, Greece, France and Italy
These decades are birds of passage

The years overwhelm with
Information, change, economy instability
I hear the beat of the future

Hang low in the dewy atmosphere
With a beat of glowing snow
I hear the cry of apocalypse
Billions do not know their toil

Could end any day
Their troubles erased
And heartbreaks sealed

Anguish is measured in generations
And anointed opportunity
Will these souls find rest appointed
Or remain oppressed

Beneath the weight of sorrow
And poverty’s misgiving
I’ve felt the blanket of their woe

Of those whose mortal ears are haunted
By the chorus of departing in gladness
Such are the debts of such
An unfinished world of bankruptcy.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/because-I-don-t-know-429553770

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