The Last Sunset


After I have reached
The West for clothes of new colors
I will perhaps know the rows
Of ancient trees, like my ancestors

I will know the two worlds
That separated past and future
Sunken to Ocean, lifted to skies
That beauty never belonged

But offered itself so hopelessly
Before the dark swallowed her whole
The sunsets only gave us
Seconds of Eternity, the stars

Gave the rest, in intangible threads
Of silver and gold to match
All the pinks and oranges
Of a reaching Earth, the labouring

After dying color releasing itself
As ever generation yields
Back to the roots and gait
Of our wish for more.

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5 thoughts on “The Last Sunset

  1. I am impressed at what a prolific writer you are. Your poetry contains a spirituality that touches and inspires one to reflect.

    • Thank you, on a good day I can produce 20 poems, though of late this hasn’t been the case 😛

      Sadly I do not have the discipline to edit my work, so what I write is usually posted in a matter of seconds and quickly forgotten for the next piece.

      My primary interest in poetry is mystical.

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