If Roses Could Speak


You walked blithely
Where you stayed
In the arms of the Rose

Red Rose, White Rose, Pink rose
Where you stood touching her
I felt your perfectly

Natural brightness of giving
In the blaze of the dove
With the sun-rose in your spirit

Found in the church
Of the bliss of your eyes
(You shimmered like)

A heart wrapped in Daylight
Preaching Divine love
Praying for the company

If the resounding forgiveness
At the altar of the last compassion
Be like a Rose, a living sacrifice

Uncle Sun is crawling out
(Of his continusouly warm singing)
To feel you hoisting your sail

To Songs of the Dawn wet
In the morning air, restless
With the devotion of the whistle

Of all flowers ripe for the moment
When you ask for a blessing from God
You walked blithely, nearly invisible

As the bud of the Spring branch
Ready to show your fragile wings
Heading towards the heart of a flower

(We all arrive in our own sweet time)
The surface river metamorphosing
Don’t say that I Will depart tomorrow

When as a living wet golden Rose
I am even today still arriving
In order to laugh and to cry happiness

Red, as a debt of blood to the Earth
Are you ready to kneel leaving yourself open
At the door of my heart

With thorns of understanding
Next time you wake, be aware of my
Lasting and perpetual lifting fragrance.

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Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/FAMOUS-perfect-Rainbow-Rose-49688892

7 thoughts on “If Roses Could Speak

    • Thank you Tony! I was sort of captivated myself with the tag line: “Post-Career Old(er) Educator Finding His Way as a Full-Time (Publishable) “

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