Sex & Divinity


If I should exist inside
Your soul of particulars
I would turn and fit your fulfillment

Cleaving you strongly
Emptying you of images
And causes of anxiety

The length of your days
Will be tender & fierce
With joy & pleasures as you rush

To turn your life into
A gnosis of unitary orgasms
From the organ of your heart

Transparent with longing
For the meaning that humans
Cannot fulfill, only divinity

So while our flesh melts
In paradise, like waters of joy
If I should exist inside

Your soul of loving finitude
Then while we touch and join
Our meeting rivers of minutes

Hours, days, years will suffice
Our love in the sun can only hunt
Invisible realms together

The treasure in the secret chest
Of our love that lies in your soul
These eyes that yearn for epiphanies

Forever present and beautiful:
Before we were civilized, we
Longed for sex & divinity.

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