Happiness Didn’t Pick Another Day


I’m happy with a new content
It’s called feeling altered
By the Universe’s care
That comes unbidden like

Appreciated Air, and a gratitude
For clean Water, abundant Green
Such a fate that I was ministered
Must conclude in happiness

The Mornings, happier than ever
Leaving a new necessity
On my dimpled cheeks, to smile
The smile views the landscape

Differently, as if human connection
Wasn’t scarce for me, as if light
Could swing the silver fences:
I’m happy with the moments fled

Bewildered by celebration, cheered
On by synchronicity, Indolent with
Serendipity; happiness really
Is the greatest convenience

For it affords conditions of
Growing magnitude, joys orbed
We are all tourists of life’s sampled offerings
We forget her diverse bouquet

Sometimes despairing to much of our own needs
Until wonder in us respectful grows
So, pick another day to be miserable!
For the galleries of Sunrise and Spring arrive!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Motherland-Chronicles-48-The-Keeper-431696811
(One of the most talented photographers on deviantart)

10 thoughts on “Happiness Didn’t Pick Another Day

  1. Wuji, this in going on my favourite list, I will pull it out to re-read in those moments where my energy seeps into bewildered overload and cannot find my smile to share with the world. Thank you 🙂

  2. I can see this in Enya’s soundtrack. It’s really good!

    I hope Mother Nature reads this, though. I can’t wait for galleries of Spring to come. Although, I can’t complain, snow days make for great writing days :p

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