After Language

What the ....

The Definition of Love is
That Definition of all
You can see it in the Trees
In the Analysis of water, space, earth

It’s a definition of beauty personified
Evolution in nature and mind
We play at her game of life
As qualified as the shapes of fools

The forms we perpetuate, the doctrines
We submit to, by cultural impression
And by practiced association
The Definition of the Spiritual

Seeks new forms for old religious symbols
The stranger’s house is where it takes place
Mystic exchange, sentience qualified
To be a part of the faith of many species

The Definition of Love is
That arrival at Oneness, unity, experience
Where nothing can divide
The subject from the object

Where everything is an extension
Of the Self’s identity, a thrill of nearness
On the verge of recognition, empathy, completeness.

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