No Home like Femininity


Lying in bed I almost mistake
Good health for youth
Moonlight on the floor

For memories of your skin
Looking up I see the cold light
For what it is, birthplace

Source, cool strength
Like your body that carried me
Across centuries, and galaxies

Until I could no longer move
But incarnate in software
Looking down, I see only home

The pregnant belly of your
Voluptuous fertility, happiness
Of forms, in their dreams of tomorrow

The floor before my bed is bright
Not like your eyes, but while
I watch the moon, I remember you

Mother, wife, friend, daughter
That I could relive my entire life
In the eyes of the women I loved.

7 thoughts on “No Home like Femininity

    • Thanks for saying that, my life would be pretty empty without them and that spirit that connects humanity, generations and celebrates, empowers and enobles life.

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