If Faith Could Change the Future


What I seek is
A God-climbing heart
As wide as the galaxy

To host, supernatural spiritual-love
A God-manufacturing mind
Would be insufficient

To express, the purity
The simplicity of the divine
What I seek is

A God-loving heart
Capable of loving everyone
I want to be an Eternal Listener

Aware of all the light
At the center of all the stories
God is infinite, even if his power

Is a tiny heart-nest inside of man
What I seek is
An Immortality of a Oneness-embrace

That does not care of imperfections
But for the qualities of each.
We have our small Eternity

For our infinite questions
But only when we find love
Do we stop questioning.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/what-is-left-432663770

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