Ode to Rabindranath [Tagore] II


(Alternative title: Let us Not Pray to be Sheltered)

Let us pray not to be sheltered
For evolution teaches us
Through errors, limitations, obstacles

Sunsets after storms
Appear more holy, so shall
I learn from my tragedies

To be fearless and eager
In the heart of real dangers
To love reality without mere sentiment

But with grit, light that cannot
Be extinguished and guts
That will not be denied, let me

Persevere as with the faith of birds
That feel the light when
The dawn is still dark

With the honesty of a heart
That feels the friendship of community
When outcast, isolated and alone

The higher education of this world
Is not won by lucky privilege
But by struggle and the wonder

That comes after every encounter
With the limitations of our own learning
For then shall we belong

To wisdom born in another time
With love that is the courage
Of the ultimate truth of creation.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Visceral-432529758

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