Star Flower

Ah Star-flower, weary of life
With steps of the sun on your back
How flowers that golden chime?

Which came your buds of worlds
With a fragrance of strange journeys
Dear heart where our wishes go

Of light uncontested from
Our beautiful parts, that fluff there
Ah Star-form, angel-guarded

Virgin grass between your toes
Travel-worn, from so many eyes
Oh my flower-children, do not cry!


With dreams for the bubbles and pollen
Of the most beautiful tomorrows
Where buds might be petals

And the shade might be bright
Ah Star-flower, lovely as an infant’s face
With the happy silent moon

Beaming with sap for your grace
Sweet smiles in the night
That even flowers can glow in the dark

Just like you do, just like you
It matters not if they smile
Your youth with the livelong night
Does beguile, with watery soft brow

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