Remember that, we are dust
Not arrogant like cold stone
Our revelations are social

And our conceits are for our blood
Heritage, prosperity and the like –
In dust, which suns have kissed

Unaware of reckless consequence
With floods to bury landscapes
And Golden Time to renew it all

Remember that, we are dust or dew
Not eternal devouring mind
But form, atoms, molecules

Grown up from crude designs
Remember that, we are fragments
Of a larger entity, collective, humanity

To think that we are separate
Has led to more than one ruined city.

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We lived with a wild patience
Long-dreamed involuntary listening
I have nothing but each other
To go on; nothing –

Relationship, the burning through
Of how yesterday connects today
It’s an integrity of our shared Soul
That allows me warmth

The coast to coast of my rites
Of inner prosperity, the fuel
That drives me into marriage’s stability
Spring’s calm of upper Broadway

We live with a leafbud embrace
We can look at each other though
Both our lifetimes until
The last drip of the dew cleans

Our lives, for the struggle
To attain a single drop
Of trembling water, the purity
Of a flung together in Chinese ink-scene.

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Since we aren’t young forever
We have weeks, instead of years
Our souls beat not for great emotions
But for time secured connection


Spring will wash our green-blue thirst
For years of missing each other
When we didn’t know the other existed

We are lugging our groceries home
Filed with bundles of hand-holding months
Drinking delicious coffee, with unopened mail
By our sides, we lift the new light

To our old wounds, with gratitude
Of an unexcavated divinity
We let it peel us with light from the inside


My small hands on your power-tooled body
Aware of our fragility, of how our moods
Hang on the soundless curl
Of the magnitude of our body-language

The little smiles that measure quality
And laughter that holds all the notes together.

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