Remember that, we are dust
Not arrogant like cold stone
Our revelations are social

And our conceits are for our blood
Heritage, prosperity and the like –
In dust, which suns have kissed

Unaware of reckless consequence
With floods to bury landscapes
And Golden Time to renew it all

Remember that, we are dust or dew
Not eternal devouring mind
But form, atoms, molecules

Grown up from crude designs
Remember that, we are fragments
Of a larger entity, collective, humanity

To think that we are separate
Has led to more than one ruined city.

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5 thoughts on “MORE THAN DUST

  1. I have been enjoying your work. It’s a new experience to read poetry online this way, and it feels like the words on the screen are living breathing things…as if I’m catching the reflections of light on water as it moves in front of me. Some of your lines make my skin tingle…like: ‘In dust, which suns have kissed’.

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