Dear youth, you cannot know
Your true potential, until you are Old!
Your Future lies ahead of you

So grip self-compassion like
A crusade of your secret revelations
The world can only Change by

Your touch, your ideas, your victories
For we do not all have your energy
Dear youth, you do know right that

We have tried to build a World of peace
That you might prosper, grow up good
But our life is brief, faster than you think

Our time is short to do Good acts
Thoughts do not keep abreast
Experience is the wisest teacher…

Dear youth, with curiosity free from fear
Be ever social, create the paradox anew
Do not be perplexed by the old instincts

Sex, beauty, knowledge, power
Their time will pass too, but plan
To share a loving cup, and never hold a grudge

To find one’s place in life, can take
An entire lifetime, don’t you know?
You were made to be pioneers

To give Evolution her lasting gifts
Of revolution, and a proper place
To those who have no fair champions

Waste all the time you require to become
Who you were meant to be, Dear Youth:
Learn first-hand your chosen goal’s special charm.

The Latest Existential Being


Tired of the old description of the world
Freedom is not found in a doctrine
But experienced in a landscape

In a new attempt at Living
Having escaped from the Truth
Only then can we say we

Are a seeker, like a being
Without a doctrine, transparent
To the omens of the description to be

Tired of chasing old pleasures
Freedom is not found in a stimulus
But given light in the realms

Of pure thought, deliberate meditations
Becoming directly or from the sun
Freedom is a moment, not captured

It is a matter of how to be free
It is a feeling of how freedom comes
It was everything being more real, ourselves.