If a person is awake, freedom is their comfort
Awareness a bed to lay upon like
Immortality, a condition of their Spirit
In unity with all aspects of creation


The wise delight in knowing
Not by virtue of information
But by merit of understanding
Like happiness that is shared


Like a love that is all-embracing
Without a sense of exclusivity
Or a precise method of combining energies
Awareness is the fresh perspective
On the old problems of living…


Sadness, is an inertia of awareness
Caution, is a restricted ability to act aware
Awake among the sleepy
Free from the sadness viewing the
Sad crowds below, free from their restlessness.



Little self, do I hold yourself dearest?
Hi self, have I watched you carefully enough –
I know you have moments of

Wisdom, so keep watching yourself
Know thyself, it is a matter
Of Loving others, that we might
Be taught by the world a bit easier….

If a person holds themselves dear
It means to let ourselves be guided
Shaped by the world in which we were born
So I will study the wrongs I have done

I have myself, to oneself, compassion not always given
For in the self, there are no enemies, no actual
Misfortunes, learning is beneficial and good

Loving is not a very difficult thing to do
Little self, what wrong ideas have you
Been following lately, what humility lacking?

What bravery forgotten: the wise should be
Watchful of themselves, and smile
For what is a self to do but suffer eloquently?

Be always attentive to the duty
To be self-compassionate, it’s a lesson
For the experienced, for the generous selves.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Casual-East-meets-West-454252336




Impurity is to live unnaturally
The messengers of death come for us
With your pharmaceuticals and life-insurance
Have you made provision
For the journey friends?


Like withered leaves from too much pleasure
What have we truly given to the world?
Your life will one day come to an end
And the habits of your transgressions
Will be mimicked in other lives


As a civilization consumes forests, oil, iron, coal
As a world is enroached by one
Dominant predatory species
Impurity is to engineer artificiality


Men will place computers in their brains
And create beings to magnify his instincts
For dominion, pleasure, greed, profit
Progress for a few entitled countries


All exalted by the Corporations
Impurity is to follow injustice free from civic duty
To equality, living without compassion


In the pursuit of wealth as dogma
In the profit of the few, over the many, as ritual;
There is no conscience in greed
Cloaked in self-determination
No true merit, in elitist inheritance.




The Body is my holy instrument
Therefore I shall not endure to live
At the expense of suffering creatures
I shall not ingest poisons or other animals


I shall be skilful with service & flowers
This world is like foam, to be sure
Ready to be born and to die at every moment
I shall see death and life equally, as if
With the same eyes, loving all who follow
Their inherent natural purpose, these clear paths
Satiated so easily in worldly pleasures


The sleeping Cities consuming & gathering
Wealth, children, time – I know it’s temporary
I care not for the faults of others that are necessary
Nor for those who would conquer the world


Like Flowers we must give our own colors
As many kinds of garlands, our scents travel
Down to the River, with the good Wind
The Soul is my holy seat of memory
Therefore I shall serve beauty and suffering creatures
The blind machine of the crowd cares enough for itself.




I have been distracting myself
In an Ocean of pleasures
Grasping purpose in the world


I found the clinging and the having
Unpleasant, empty, forgetful of meditation
With my temporary pleasures
There was a burden of grief
Imprisonment, dissatisfaction and loneliness
An animal in a self-chosen cage


In my relative attachment to the world
I somehow missed the sip of divinity
And with my greed, there came a fear
Of losing, failure, abandonment from security


I have forgotten how to live without lust
I go from one craving to the next
As if living a simulation, envious
Of the remembrance of virtuous living.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/11-11-455255289