Kali; Daughter of the Mystic Mountain


Mother Kali, so radiantly black
I have seen your face in the Universe
Destroying worlds to satisfy
Evolution’s will for Supernovas

There is subtle light in Darkness
Power in contempt for false growth
Kali, take me into thy black light
Beyond luminosity, that I may breathe there

The spiritual rare of all ancestors
Blaze a fierce trail of strength in my soul
That I may reborn with a blissfully vanquished
Will, that knows how to submit to the higher power

And follow a law so eternally omnipotent
No mind remembers the overwhelming black
Before the big bang’s lotus shine of triumph-light
Om Kali! Om Kali! Om Kali!

I want to visit your incomparable form
Mold my chakra with your ruthless energy
For the foolish poet is not any Kalki-striving
Revelatory experience is not of this world

Grant me not visionary gift, but a meditation
From the most brilliant gem of realization
The diamond essence of awareness
That comes from seeing a million worlds born and die.




I am the One who loves Love
Not weak human love
But Spiritual love that takes
Centuries and lifetimes to perfect
That can unify the feelings spread out
Over centuries, as forest and light


We are all two souls incarnated in one body
A Spiritual companion and a material vehicle
Which one we follow is up to us
If you see me, you see Him,
If you see Him, you see me


I am the One who loves Life
Not the fragile life of this body
But the Spiritual life that takes
All creatures and all forms on this journey
I will not ever cease swimming the seas of love


Rising with the wave, then descending
Now the wave sustains me, and I am the water
Love will bear me away
Until there is no longer any shore
Any last light, we shall mystify ourselves.

Psalm 9


I will praise thee, O Lord, not in God’s name
But with my whole heart, you are the Universe
I will be glad and rejoice in thee:
Filled with gratitude for sentience
I will echo your marvelous works
In my hands, of my mind, for thou
Has maintained my right and my cause
I will sing praise of not one God, but all of nature
There is no chosen people, our enemies are ourselves
But the Lord of Nature shall endure for ever:
And he shall NOT judge the world
For the world is meant to create itself
The Lord of Love is our refuge for the oppressed
And those who were once Slaves will become Masters
And they that know thy secrets will put their trust in thee:
For spiritual love is not about exclusivity or success
It is about the unity of worlds, the cry of the humble
The Salvation of souls that have sinned. Selah.
For the needy shall not always be forgotten:
And the weak shall not always be downtrodden
While the world is divided into false Nations
Who can we claim to be people of God?



To unravel ‘great doubt’ requires a ‘great surrender’
This can take many decades
Decades of the body’s silence to desire
Years of the heart’s immersion in peace
Do not follow the ideas of others
But learn to listen to the voice within yourself
Your body and mind will not falter
They will become pure and clear
And you will realize the unity of all things
In your own time, in your own way
Learn the backward step
See through the eyes of a child
That turns the light inward at a glance
That penetrates the mask of others with empathy
Coming, going, bird-watching, watch the world
At midnight look out into the Sea
When there are no waves and only a flood of moonlight
Body and mind themselves, will drop away.



Because the mind is free
Listening to the rain is a memory
Of Evolution, dripping from sight
The drops become
One with me, I alone in nature
The tribe alone in nature
The child is of nature

I am aware as a migrating bird
Leaving no trace behind
Needing no guide by inner sense
That is freedom, beyond belief
To what shall I liken the world?
Not to a leaf, a moonlit night, a dew-drop
Shaken from the beaks of ancestors

We all belong to the Universe, the night
To the stream rushing past
To the dusty world where time is made-up
And my fleeing form casts no reflection
Because the mind is free
I can be a slave and observe the world
And feel no chains, I am just a part of the world

Lonely or alienated, like a tangled hair
The circular delusion is a symphony
Without beginning or end, I dream no longer
But live in waking dream, I am awake
Studying the Sutras for nobody
When do love and hate matter?
Maybe in society one must follow.



I am too lazy to be ambitious
My unconditional surrender too full to act
I let the world take care of itself
I let my fate weave its roads
I can get along with good books
One friend, one meal of rice a day
Why chatter about the news or enlightenment?
We are all deluded in our own ways
With our familiar dull frames of reference
I write instead, poems that are not my poems
These poems are not my poems
This way we can begin to speak
About the poems that touch everybody
The seers wrote poems like putting twigs
Into the fireplace, the fire that keeps all beings warm
It is not important to be famous, but to be comfortable
I am too lazy to be ambitious
I am too free to believe in particulars.



I won’t even stop
At the edge of light
At the sacred pond of beginnings
For fear that
My shadows
May flow into the world

The Universe requires beings
As enlightened as humanly possible
I won’t even stop
At the water that reflects the moon
Because I know the moon
Does not get wet, nor is the water broken
By the image of light, although

The light is wide and great
I must get to the other side
Where the entire sky is covered with life
Nearer to the Galactic center
Where wisdom is common, and war is rare
I won’t even stop
For the Gods, for I know our place is with them.

Psalm 8


O Lord of our Lord, how excellent is thy name in this Universe
Who hast set they glory above the cosmos
Out of the mouth of children and for the Light
Hast thou ordained us to feel such hunger
For knowledge, new worlds, within and without
Thou has made us into migratory seekers
Forever between faith and the Earth
When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
The moons and the stars of this mindful tapestry
What is man, that thou art mindful of all creatures?
And the children of men, that there is life everywhere?
Has thou visited us, have thy seen our progress?
Will thou crown our wisest children with new technology,
For thou hast made him a little lower than those angels,
Thou hast made man with for the use of tools and language
And he has used the fish of the sea, the beasts of the field
For his dominion, brief dynasty or a species to sow the stars
With the milk of new Earths, O Lord of Love,
How excellent it would be, to greet ourselves in eyes unlike our own.

Psalm 7


O Lord my God, my universe, my Evolution:
In thee I do put my trust, save me from turbulence
Deliver me from persecution among my own kind
Lest they tear my soul like last lions,
Rending my faith to pieces, while there is none to deliver.
O Lord my God, train me as I train myself
Let me learn good in every evil, and in ignorance
Find bright specks of knowledge, let the presence
Of Majesty persecute my soul until I surrender
Not to mine enemies but to God’s will for me
Yea, let him tread down my life until all doors are closed
But God’s own will, and lay mine honor in the dust. Selah.
Arise, O Lord, as all cosmic things, revolving Stars!
In the absence of judgement, I will protect them
In the absence of greed, I shall give unto them
In the absence of righteousness, I shall humbly love with them
For the congregation is the compass, the people are the journey
Let the Universe organize its energies, fate’s integrity is enough
That some die too young and others wield pain without remorse
My defense is of God, and to all people I must assume
God’s plan works in mysterious ways, until all wickedness comes to end.

Psalm 6


O Lord, rebuke me not for my ignorance
Neither chasten me for my vexed state
Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak:
O Lord, heal me; for my heart is feeble
Let me recognize then, the weakness in others
As those that should be helped, deserving of compassion
My soul can only hold so much grief
But thou, O Lord, how long?
How long must I wait, Return, O Lord, deliver me?
Oh save me for some special work, for mercies’ sake
For in death there is no remembrance of thee:
In the grave I shall give no thanks for
The story which I alone was given, my Dharma’s weight
I am weary with my groaning, my own kind of special suffering
All the night make I my bed to swim with heavy dreams
I water my couch with useless fears, and dozens of tears
It waxeth old because of all my chided memories
That kept me apart from kindness, in isolated shame
Depart from me, all cowardess, all dread
For the Lord hath heard my soft weeping
All supplications and prayers till the end
Let all my faults turn away their misery
Let them return and be ashamed suddenly
That I might have a chance to be another kind of person.

Psalm 5


Give ears to my words, O Lord, that I may be healed
Consider it my meditation
Of a poetry without end
Hearken unto the voice of my silent cry, my Sovereign King,
For unto thee I will pray, quietly
My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Diamond Lord;
In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up
To the vigilant Sun of my few days on Earth
For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in harshness and disdain
Neither shall I dwell upon my ills or misfortunes.
The foolish miss thy sight with petty thoughts
They shall destroy themselves with their negativity
The Lord will abhor the warlike and deceitful mockers
That hoard and do not ask questions of laughter
But as for me, I will come into thy house with shining eyes
Full with the mercy and compassion of the wretched
And in thy fear of all ruin shall I worship a higher way
Towards a holy temple by thy feet
Lead me, O Lord, where I my own worst enemy
Make my path straight before my face.
Let me be silent until my wickedness does melt;
For my tongue should be a healing grace
For my heart should spread some vibrant joy
And my soul a shield to men pass an eternal flame.

Psalm 4


Hear me when I call, O God of my humility:
I have been led here by suffering
Thou has enlarged me with the
Distress all around me, the chaos of
My human imperfection impregnates me
With prayer, and the will to do good
Have mercy upon me, and hear my hopes.
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn
Away from your inner god and glory?
How long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.
But know that the Lord hath apart him
That can love purely, without self-benefit
Without the merits of the marketplace
The Lord will hear when I call unto him

For I stand in awe, and sin only intended sin:
Sin that is my commune with my future self
That I might commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.
I offer the sacrifice of inferiority, failure, defects
And put my trust in righteousness, everlasting,
There be many who say, Who will not see our Good?
Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance
Brighter as always for the darker times, upon us
Thou hast and shall put gladness back into my heart,
More than in the time that their shelter and luck increased.
I will both be subservient to the teachings of my life, and sleep:
For thou, Lord, only makest my path a beauty of peace.

Psalm 3


Lord, how I covet purity and faith!
Many have been the obstacles thou held against me.
Many there be which say of my soul,
There is no help for him on Earth or in God. Selah.
But thou, O Lord, art the fuel of my inner world
My glory, and lifter up of mine diviner eyes
I cried unto the Lord with such my secret voice,
And he heard me out of his timeless mind. Selah.
I was a chosen person woken from sleep
I awaked; for the Lord somehow sustained
My spirit in harder times, since that I cannot be afraid
That I myself was born from such a fate
Arise, O Lord, to save me from my worst self
For thou has smitten all my illusions, one by one
Until all that is left is my salvation & belonging
Thy blessing is upon me now, and I share it freely
For in giving I come upon thy chosen face
To find a love which no failure can prevent Selah.

Psalm 2


Why do we suffer needlessly?
For the people crave vain things?
The Princes of Wealth set themselves upon
A recruitment of slavery for short-term gains
But creation and nature are the anointed
In that silence of evolution everything is subservient
The corrupt will fall in their greed
And their pleasure will turn to disharmony
Then shall love again speak to them anew
Nature shall declare the decree: thou art Good
Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.
Ask of me, and I shall give thee love and health
More intimacy authentic than power’s brief reign
And thy possessions will fade, for a deeper love
And you shall become wise as Kings of old
Serving the Lord of Love, you will rejoice finally
And laugh at the folly of your lesser times
When you sought everything and had nothing
Now thou has nothing, and are a part of everything
Blessed are all that serve not to suffer, but to give.

Psalm 1


Blessed is the man that walketh the path of delight
Listening to the echoes of the counsel of inner Bliss
For in happiness there is rebirth, the art of living
Without malice, exploitation, execution of evils
But his accomplice is the law of Love;
And to this goodness he meditates day and night
And he shall be like water that would nourish
Protect, empower, enoble and exchanging delight
His Seasons shall be glad, and he shall have sincere friends
His leaf shall not wither, but prosper
Under his hand of care, lending the secret
To his fellows, and his art and wisdom shall then know
The positive sign for which his life was made
Not to harm others in any way, but to rejoice
To recognize, to esteem, to celebrate
There is no judgement in the righteous path
For to each one has their fate, their time to perish
Or feel gratitude beneath a billion shared suns.



We asked for the smell of further honey
Something to draw us forwards
Into a future of new sweetness
Where we might not die
In wordless repetition, but linger
For divine flowers, mysterious Roses
Sirens of midnight, fragrance of orchestrated

Reckless abandon, soft humming
Of life on other planets
We asked for a vistas that could
Hold our attention, save our
Fiercely yielding and habitual nature
Our elusive neo-cortex of
Exuberantly driven wonder-machines

We asked for the taste of
More surreal fruit, something to live by
So we might leave our usual gardens
So that we might reach for
The Song of the foolish bees.

抒情詩 (lyrical poem)



We are asking for books which
Legends are made of, poems that are
Flowers at the bottom blue of lyricism
We felt the need for ritual acts
That respected the Volumes of the Earth
My time is precious, so is yours:


Our nods of recognition were
The last living parts of poetry between
Our souls which would vanish
To other Planets, when we died
We are asking for books which
Dreams can dive into, poems that are


After all, objects that have been loved
And lived fully, maybe the object of many loves
To have greatly admired stains of
Where words once lay, the honors
Of so much feeling like fragrance


You will hold the stem, I will
Know the rose passing between humans
And the child that squeezes the fence
At the end of the story, that was enough
To make romantic poetry Immortal.


新品種 (new breed)



I heard your voice today again
In a Minor Key, speaking about how
Autumn disinforms the past
What’s realistic fantasy?
Rust. August. Musts…
Summer still invades my body
With an angry sun filled


To the brim with mangoes and cherries
Caught in a feeling of immense
Tenderness, at the dawn of the longest day
Vocalizing forbidden syllables
To the Ever young, the youth whose


Sensual materialism is a caress
Of how my body cells revolve in unison
With the whole universe
I heard your voice today again
In a foreign language, who knew it
Would become my bilingualism


When time and space cease to exist
For me, our bodies in time will sleep
Side by side, for a year that felt like a century
-This flash is all we know, it happened
Taking on surreal forms of mysticism.


The power to hurl words is a weapon
Language, invented so long ago
Tortured out of the season to be Silent
We witnessed destruction in this
That the body can speak with a Smile
We knew, how to evolve vocabulary
For the profit of any circumstance

But literature and poetry live on
Like music, affluent to the trends
The word the body couldn’t say
Brought us to a science of uniformity
Laws that all the Species knew
Some kind of order in the mathematics of space

Language evolved in sentient words
Likewise the empathy of our saving lives
Enlightenment, meant to heal with the
Power of words, the music of vibrations
The last energy to wield a shared reality
So next time you speak, think of this:
Everyone is equally innocent and guilty
In the metrics of language, the interview of sound.





We are Architects of traced water
Finding crossbeams for our lives
Foundations of friends and lovers
And career elevators, community
Contributions, civic towers
We are builders primarily
Even our explorations are
Construction surveys, of identity


In the progress of our design
How we live and motivate
The materials the sculptor
The interior design of our beliefs
Morals, will-power, efforts to act
As artists our dreams follow
The crowds we conform to


We are Architects without Sunsets
Only cities, poor representations
Of what we desire, with few
Moonlit screens to hold on to
A few opportunities to arrange
The perfect scenario of our lives.




Despair fails like dreams before living
The direct path requires not
Drama, repeating tragedies, private dilemmas
Simplicity renews itself
At a blink before the flower shop
And the faint subtraction of youth
Pride flashes like lightning before


The rain carefully washes us to become
Free of adversity, we finally arrive
At the rose-blue light, transport
Before Dawn, at our favorite place
The clarity after all frameworks have
Been revealed, the neutrality after attachment


The love after karma’s supermarket trash
Was taken away in the heart of an impure soul
Despair fails, like how an old neighborhood
Cannot stay the same, the habit of suffering
Gets endured one way or another.



No map traces the street where
Where two sleeps are, lovers cast adrift
In each other, from their purpose
An evil omen, the French window ajar
Shades down, jilted by sleeping Fate
That has the odor of sexual revolution
Curtained with yellow lace were
Those youthful experiments, like the


No flowers can reveal the lies
We told ourselves, in each other’s arms?
The mouth to mouth of our lost hours
Love drenched in another time, leaving
No silver track to honest feeling
Only a calamity of numbness, resignation
Ousted from the warm bed of hot adventure


No sun holds us steadfast in the narrow dream
Where those two sleepers are
You and I, me and you, those are
Fantasies now held under water
Like a love affair that ruined our life
Eyelids drenched in gold
Powerless, but to stare into the sun.

鯨魚之歌 (Whale Songs)


You, we, I – were actors
You drew up narratives so you could
Tell yourself there was a Pattern
I was in that story, vulnerable muzzled
Like the Night on the coast
I’d walk into your purposeful longings

I knew I was a temporary comfort
You, whose eyes and hands I loved
And mouth, whose foreigness I wished
You, whose words and mind
Was dull, my name held too much compassion

For the role given, too wasted
By the irresponsible human stranger
I was declared obsolete by another
Or like an ancestor that gave no profit
Outcast, abandoned, made to flee the story

Aching for years after the city
Was but a memory, after your child had grown up
I cried sick days alone, in that terror
My heart reincarnated in grief
Your whale-songs were contagious.




Enter high summer, longest day!
This higher summer we love will
Pour its liquid light and make us forget
Light-memory erases dark-fantasy
Straining against our veins
Of sunburnt epiphanies and
Skin-cancer worries, and wrinkles


That climb the wrists of time like Dragons
Night frost that barely is brisk enough
To welcome Autumn’s strange roses
These fields have time to grow rich
Like a vibrant testament to our
Continuation among the weeds


Ready to crash into the parade
You who think I find words for everything
Don’t know how loose I am from words
In the Indian Summer heat
You for whom I write, June Bugs…




All we can read is life
Death is part of her script
Suffering and candles belong
To the living, all around us
And you will end somewhere else
Waiting to die, awkwardly loving
The world that did you some harm


All we can read is beauty
The small anonymous memories
That overpowered others, the questions
Never answered, that don’t belong
To the living or the wise, but
To the great beyond, the quilt of names
That we met, the few faces smiles
By the living, for the living


All we can read is life, flung by hands
That forged children from grassy wombs
Wombs that forgot their mother somehow
In the love that once felt so individual.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/I-give-life-458146106



I am a Jew trapped in a Celtic face
The one both like and unlike you
The first to become a citizen of the World
Ready to renounce Religion, Tribe, Clan

Sweating the Middle East through
My brain, giving my heart to Asia
Hoping for the discovery of new
Exoplanets and the emergence

Of a self-aware AI, some super-intelligence
It’s a corrupt world still, however
There’s nothing left now but
The food of humor, surely not the Environment

I live at the edges, study the fringes
The Immortality at the sleep of dawn
Her dreamless dream of virtual reality
It’s bluer than a violet’s edge

I am a Jew trapped in a foreign face
One among the homeless that lines for bread
And a last cup of clean water
Before water is stolen from Canada
By the United States of corporate greed.