The power to hurl words is a weapon
Language, invented so long ago
Tortured out of the season to be Silent
We witnessed destruction in this
That the body can speak with a Smile
We knew, how to evolve vocabulary
For the profit of any circumstance

But literature and poetry live on
Like music, affluent to the trends
The word the body couldn’t say
Brought us to a science of uniformity
Laws that all the Species knew
Some kind of order in the mathematics of space

Language evolved in sentient words
Likewise the empathy of our saving lives
Enlightenment, meant to heal with the
Power of words, the music of vibrations
The last energy to wield a shared reality
So next time you speak, think of this:
Everyone is equally innocent and guilty
In the metrics of language, the interview of sound.





We are Architects of traced water
Finding crossbeams for our lives
Foundations of friends and lovers
And career elevators, community
Contributions, civic towers
We are builders primarily
Even our explorations are
Construction surveys, of identity


In the progress of our design
How we live and motivate
The materials the sculptor
The interior design of our beliefs
Morals, will-power, efforts to act
As artists our dreams follow
The crowds we conform to


We are Architects without Sunsets
Only cities, poor representations
Of what we desire, with few
Moonlit screens to hold on to
A few opportunities to arrange
The perfect scenario of our lives.




Despair fails like dreams before living
The direct path requires not
Drama, repeating tragedies, private dilemmas
Simplicity renews itself
At a blink before the flower shop
And the faint subtraction of youth
Pride flashes like lightning before


The rain carefully washes us to become
Free of adversity, we finally arrive
At the rose-blue light, transport
Before Dawn, at our favorite place
The clarity after all frameworks have
Been revealed, the neutrality after attachment


The love after karma’s supermarket trash
Was taken away in the heart of an impure soul
Despair fails, like how an old neighborhood
Cannot stay the same, the habit of suffering
Gets endured one way or another.