Kali; Daughter of the Mystic Mountain


Mother Kali, so radiantly black
I have seen your face in the Universe
Destroying worlds to satisfy
Evolution’s will for Supernovas

There is subtle light in Darkness
Power in contempt for false growth
Kali, take me into thy black light
Beyond luminosity, that I may breathe there

The spiritual rare of all ancestors
Blaze a fierce trail of strength in my soul
That I may reborn with a blissfully vanquished
Will, that knows how to submit to the higher power

And follow a law so eternally omnipotent
No mind remembers the overwhelming black
Before the big bang’s lotus shine of triumph-light
Om Kali! Om Kali! Om Kali!

I want to visit your incomparable form
Mold my chakra with your ruthless energy
For the foolish poet is not any Kalki-striving
Revelatory experience is not of this world

Grant me not visionary gift, but a meditation
From the most brilliant gem of realization
The diamond essence of awareness
That comes from seeing a million worlds born and die.




I am the One who loves Love
Not weak human love
But Spiritual love that takes
Centuries and lifetimes to perfect
That can unify the feelings spread out
Over centuries, as forest and light


We are all two souls incarnated in one body
A Spiritual companion and a material vehicle
Which one we follow is up to us
If you see me, you see Him,
If you see Him, you see me


I am the One who loves Life
Not the fragile life of this body
But the Spiritual life that takes
All creatures and all forms on this journey
I will not ever cease swimming the seas of love


Rising with the wave, then descending
Now the wave sustains me, and I am the water
Love will bear me away
Until there is no longer any shore
Any last light, we shall mystify ourselves.

Psalm 9


I will praise thee, O Lord, not in God’s name
But with my whole heart, you are the Universe
I will be glad and rejoice in thee:
Filled with gratitude for sentience
I will echo your marvelous works
In my hands, of my mind, for thou
Has maintained my right and my cause
I will sing praise of not one God, but all of nature
There is no chosen people, our enemies are ourselves
But the Lord of Nature shall endure for ever:
And he shall NOT judge the world
For the world is meant to create itself
The Lord of Love is our refuge for the oppressed
And those who were once Slaves will become Masters
And they that know thy secrets will put their trust in thee:
For spiritual love is not about exclusivity or success
It is about the unity of worlds, the cry of the humble
The Salvation of souls that have sinned. Selah.
For the needy shall not always be forgotten:
And the weak shall not always be downtrodden
While the world is divided into false Nations
Who can we claim to be people of God?



To unravel ‘great doubt’ requires a ‘great surrender’
This can take many decades
Decades of the body’s silence to desire
Years of the heart’s immersion in peace
Do not follow the ideas of others
But learn to listen to the voice within yourself
Your body and mind will not falter
They will become pure and clear
And you will realize the unity of all things
In your own time, in your own way
Learn the backward step
See through the eyes of a child
That turns the light inward at a glance
That penetrates the mask of others with empathy
Coming, going, bird-watching, watch the world
At midnight look out into the Sea
When there are no waves and only a flood of moonlight
Body and mind themselves, will drop away.