Psalm 9


I will praise thee, O Lord, not in God’s name
But with my whole heart, you are the Universe
I will be glad and rejoice in thee:
Filled with gratitude for sentience
I will echo your marvelous works
In my hands, of my mind, for thou
Has maintained my right and my cause
I will sing praise of not one God, but all of nature
There is no chosen people, our enemies are ourselves
But the Lord of Nature shall endure for ever:
And he shall NOT judge the world
For the world is meant to create itself
The Lord of Love is our refuge for the oppressed
And those who were once Slaves will become Masters
And they that know thy secrets will put their trust in thee:
For spiritual love is not about exclusivity or success
It is about the unity of worlds, the cry of the humble
The Salvation of souls that have sinned. Selah.
For the needy shall not always be forgotten:
And the weak shall not always be downtrodden
While the world is divided into false Nations
Who can we claim to be people of God?

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