All turns to dust in my dying eyes
So it must, the clouds signal my end
Only love is that a unified land unseen
What tales the future holds, we shall see

You must not forget to tell me at my tombstone
What happens, when the light hits the water
Of your generation, I shall smile up above
While when I was alive I slept alone feeling self-pity

I must admit now that I am dead, I am as
A River of Dream, with so much excitement
For other souls and the lives of ever-after
How little I knew of things unseen

All turns to dust in my dying eyes
Three thousand years passes by so quickly
Suddenly I have become as a captured prisoner
Beyond time, but not without love

How could I forget the day we hurried
The day of the last tears you shed for me.




At the Garden of life
We had an accidental encounter
We improvised with spirits of poetry
To find each other ready for love
With Spring we changed into each other
Won! Won! Won!
Right! Right! Right!


Like the affirmation of Peach blossoms
The hard-hearted people could not understand
How we met in the garden, or
Faced the morning wind, together
For a time, but shunning questions
We lived fully until we parted ways
For new gardens, new flowers and the same wind


One only realizes everything ends
In prosperity, before death, for that is when
We best recollect all our friends and lovers
I who cannot regret the heartland or family sacrifice
Spring is the same old, in other hands and smiles.




The core of my heart is now patience and endurance
Without these, how can one live?
When they departed, Love and God
I had to carry on dwelling in this body
Then I Said to the wind, ‘Go and overtake them,
For they are biding in the shade of the grove,
And bear to them a greeting from sorrowful man
In whose heart are sorrows because he is separated from his people
I will be left to kiss black stone
And smile to the veiled faces left in my life
How many aspiring souls does it take to reach Eternity?
The core of my heart is modesty and empathy
For all that I have experienced has led me thus
In our robes of darkness from the anguish of fate
We must return to Destiny’s love-desire again
With God-desire enough to carry on
For freedom is thus, the beggars are in ourselves
Go and take it! With these new attributes.