Happenstance of the Free


Distressed mind so humble
To tease the hidden hooded why
O’ and how it aches to suffer
To shape thought with no reply?

From the warm chair of an easy life
Flee to danger then, if the storm
Is indeed your truer shelter
Fling yourself into your destiny

That cares not for death or wounds
But the promise of experience
The splendid claws of that beast, adventure

Distressed caution so secure
To tease the dulled heart of cowardice
O’ and how it aches to live
Each day as the one last
To shape your love with no spark?

I sweated through all these years for what
To make a life, you poor passionate thing
To reach the Rendezvous of your chamber
And to tell you all I am and have done
And promise my own freedom to the
Future’s lovely happenstance.

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