Taipei 101 Nightscape


Taipei, all the way to New York
I can feel the distance, getting close
All I thought about on the airplane

Was the way you tasted, teasing me
With skin of golden canvases
And eyes for Art and pleasing beings
In the Twilight of your erotic submission

There is a plumbing of fireworks
That grinds to a festive halt
For years of wanting to be held

Flowing in greater complexity of intimacy
A thrill of flesh ripened to sweat
And orgasms wrapped around lost years
I can feel the boundaries, begin to fade

Sometimes, I think you want me to touch you
How can I, when my lust is fueled by
The stimulated use of your careful independence

An exotic foreigner, your lips hold secrets
I promise to never tell, as long as you share them
With me, and let me speak in tongues
Over your body bare of everything

But tattoos of Mandarin idioms
Where your black hair burns
Shivering in the unimaginable pleasure
Of your hot virginity melting

Beneath my icecaps, your cheery fields
Hoping the continents could squirm together
To burn the Earth like skin
For just one hot moment at its core.

“I can feel the distance getting close
You’re right next to me
But I need an airplane” – Tori Amos

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