In late sun, the river and hills are beautiful
In early sun, the sky and trees are beautiful
Spring & Autumn are filled with glory
The Mandarin ducks are sleeping

Beneath a thousand sunsets of the extraordinary
Each new human being witnesses
The elderly guest blankets us in calligraphy
A row of white birds against a night-sky

Eternity relives herself in children
In the eyes of the forming cerebral cortex
Whitewashed years pass with such speed
Lying on quilts and pillows for a

Brilliant mortality, what bamboo feasts await
Noise and exclamations, all point to the
Western sun once again, the nourished life
Sleeping Dragon, Leaping Horse

These are known to Taiwanese Fantine
The river of trembling stars casts its shadow
On her imagination, waiting for the day
When she will fill the low flat fields

With the strawberries of her imagination
I can prepare a morning meal for her wisdom
I know the dreams, she will heal the world
Her sight will soar to the morning pass.


  1. Yes. The picture, I think it’s Lea Salonga. She played the role Fantine in Les Misérables on Broadway. I love this poem BTW. Especially the line “eternity relives herself in children” I couldn’t agree more (:

  2. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of service, accepted thru writing. Do like Le Bron spend a lot of time preparing your marketing strategy. You’re a young man with a gift nature wants exploited. Acquiesce to the cosmos. Master marketing strategy. Wisdom from the mind/mouth/imagination of the young is, like you say, the cosmos relieving itself in the minds of the young.

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