global connectivity


it’s survival here, nothing new
lungs knotted by thirst
sunheat in our heart, starving to belong

it’s corrupt the way
the social feeds are telepathic
last chance for freedom
not likely, when water goes on the stock-markets

I’m pinned by this world
like as the love for my criminal child
the kind of wound that

is never quite urgent enough to heal
but sticks around like deformity
“heal the world”, there are too many
bodies you say to feed the planet

it’s survival down here, at the ends
stomach growling to be someone
heart’s pitter-patter against the gloom

our fragility was really contagious
the world learned how
to suffer together, it was a kind
of progress, to realize we all belonged

to the same economy, a doomed currency
where the sun was thrown, raised and lowered
for the number of years we had left

before some tipping point of our anarchy
until we have to depart, to say goodbye
we make do, with teaspoons and testimony
with words from vague saints who were cripples

we learned to see, a bit of ourselves
in everyone who suffered, in how they fought.

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14 thoughts on “global connectivity

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  2. Wuji, are you by any chance a Baha’i? Your poetry makes me think that you might be! It really doesn’t matter, just curious. Love your work, inspires me.

    • Curiously I’m not, though I have been influenced by Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism and even ancient Vedic texts, not to mention scores or writers, books and philosophies.

      How does it feel Baha’i?

      • Like a world citizen who embraces all religions and paths. There’s a lot more to it, but this says it in a few words.

      • When human beings realized religions were one of the primary causes of historical bloodshed, they slowly adopted secularism. Now countries make war on the marketplace and on the internet.

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