Brief history of religion

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
~ Mahatma Gandhi


i would be as ignorant as the future
that forgives and forgets the past
as sublime as the dawn

that has looked down on towns
as the stars fade and the moon
is plucked by the ocean from the sky
I would be as ignorant as this planet

that dreads not but revolves around itself
these countries of profit and civil
unrest, fighting history, quarrels between gods

invented by men who would wield power
the kind of show that leads to a unified death
flame under flame, flower of the heaven-fold
obeying your will to die for a name

obedient to the scripture where my ancestors died
and i lived, because of cowardice and
because I wanted see another sunset, another dawn.


3 thoughts on “Brief history of religion

  1. Wuji, you’ve done it again! The words describing the pain of feeling like religion, or possibly God has let us down is magnificent. Inspirational to be sure.

  2. I was brought up with no religion in my home, none whatsoever, though we “posed” as a specific kind in name. No lessons, no words, no homework, no knowledge – yet everyone around me had one for certain. I was born with an innate understanding and knowledge of my own – a connection to the “source” a third eye as open as the sky. My knowledge came from no one – at the time no TV (an old black and white that we watched musicals on as a family – or cartoons of course) – no cable, no Internet, I didn’t read or watch the news (actually I still don’t – nor will I until I start to see and hear of the beautiful things happening each day, which to me is worthy news – rather than induced and intentional controlled anxiety) – yet I’ve always “known.” I have never understood how everyone on the planet – doesn’t realize that the very book of love they follow is the very cause of the wars they fight. Respecting each individual’s choice and belief – I’ve listened and learned, read many versions of “truth” … and while always carrying respect for each individual’s choice and belief – I have gone full circle and still believe that there is only one religion, which is no religion at all, but a connection to the truth reality(ities).

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