to my children’s children

The future influences the present just as much as the past.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche


on the plateau of high-summer
we discover true signs of life
in the heart-beat of cicadas

in the sun among your sisters
in the heights of kites and populars
something is left there
among the gazing at the stars

walking the dawns of our
luxuriant wings, the creatures
we are still of stone and sling

still yearning for the green fields
tortured on the wheel of existence
we climb the decades like machines
only to enter another night

another Auschwitz, more human morbidity
but in elegy and idyll, there is
perhaps still some clear presence

of our innate goodness before
we are corrupted by the world
our souls still dreams possible mercies
still hovers and hangs over

elusive faiths, temples of art
myths of empowerment, elitism of free-will
not all of us maybe, certainly

only a lucky few, but that’s enough for me
we will still be measured
by descendants, like relics of ancestors
our mothers sacrificed for us but

rejoiced in life’s offering
the time of wisdom is nigh, our metamorphosis
where then, everyone is along

at the heart of the earth
ready to love the star-mangled hours
without contempt for the ruthlessness
of the universe, or the wickedness of man.

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8 thoughts on “to my children’s children

  1. “only a lucky few, but that’s enough for me we will still be measured by descendants”

    Wuji your beautifully written stories of truth are that of such great reality, a sorrow-filled one as it is the reality of our fate. Yet you always include a tinge of possibility and hope – and forever leave a message for the future, that there once “was good.” Your heart is greatly felt through every poetic word of emotion you print for us to read.

    Have you seen the movie Transcendence? I thought of you while watching it – especially toward the end. I’m not quite sure how every other viewer walked away feeling from that movie – but I found it so perfectly matched to what has happened, where we are going … and yet in the end what our true nature is possible of. Great movie if you haven’t already seen it.

    Much love – Kimberly

    • That’s for the lovely review Kimberly, now you make me want to see that movie!

      I am in love with the future though, and I think it’s exciting to be alive on a planet that is going through such a speed of change, more so in the next 40 years in our lifetime that is!

      • I agree wholeheartedly … though my fingers, legs and eyes are crossed in hope that our future takes on the path that we, combined, have the power to allow it.

        YES, see the movie! It’s “on-demand” right now. 🙂

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