Generation visitor

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I will not dream of houses or babies
i’m but a Visitor here, brief is my stay
in your hallways, alleys, pubs
I’ve seen what I’ve been shown

by your world, misplaced among the crowds
and I too have touched the night
the kind of strange pages
in which we write our dreams

that are not what they once were
we’ve been humbled by the greed
of a previous generation, while we live
in debt, we attempt to love completely

because we know the signs are there
nothing, but the company of fears
that brim on lonesome against the wild
of panic queues of this lost mortality

what did we do to deserve this?
no pensions, no jobs, no futures
I cannot afford to dream of normalcy
my parents did not buy me property

I did not have the good fortune
to inherit the world on a silver platter
written in haste, my life was a blur
of surviving, one moment to the next
in search of a better dream worth living for.

5 thoughts on “Generation visitor

    • Yes I’m afraid youth unemployment can be felt in so many countries now, that it’s radically altered the life-direction of a good % of an entire generation.

  1. “Generation(s)” – I too have been touched by this. This poem was filled with such great truth, a sorrow filled world, with many unknowing of what it is they miss, only that they are empty and scared. The name you chose in itself – spoke volumes.

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