Born Privileged

If in a country, most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, then this country can hardly witness harmony and stability.
Wen Jiabao


With sad slyness you’ve learned
What privilege can do to a person
The unequal distribution of wealth
A tipping point before apocalypse

You learned to extract love
From a dying world, was it so easy?
To love the humanity who brutalized you?
Their pressing of insolent voices

Where every minority is vulnerable
Your skin is the outer skin of all
That has ever happened to you
Where you were victim and betrayer

Saint and corporate criminal
You played all the roles, while
Nations watched other nations lose hope
How can I caress you at night

Knowing others don’t have tears left?
I cannot caress the civil unrest
Caused by a world unable to change
To start love like this, for the simple

Reason of breeding, familiarity, complacency
When our only religions is the nuclear family
Or the profit of our own extended freedom
Just one more generation, we say to ourselves

But let’s keep the route to childhood open
We live ourselves in the eyes of our children
Another life, another world, it’s not ideal
It’s just how the world has always survived

To be born in privilege, that’s right
To open the earth for pipes and water
To become lawyers, doctors, politicians
Because you’ve come far, because
Somebody sacrificed for you.

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