Ebola, the 60% protocol

Ebola then turns the insides of its host into jelly: you begin to vomit black junk which is basically your dissolved liver and internal organs.”
― Andrew Cormier


Fear too is an epidemic, it stretches out like
An incubation period for a kind of doom
Population control, whispered a silent elite
Who engineer our wallets, our GMO food, our futures

Ebola was a convenient way, of making us fear
Who we once were again, black as a Nigerian
We died alone in deathbeds, isolated plastic containers
For who we once were, our organs giving out

Infection was a spider hand, MSM gave us
False positives, but could the main-stream-media
Be trusted any longer? Wasn’t this just a matter
Of time, an algorithm set loose upon the billions?

Fear is that place, where people go in adversity
It’s hypnotic like an audience at a concert
It’s contagious how the will for self-preservation can spread
Fight of flee, but where to run, out of the cities?

The new normal is a kind of paranoia
While we watch the situation very closely
Every hour there is underground news about
Another case in another country, Ebola isn’t

Your grandmother that only likes good climates
She’s an engineered hypothesis of how mobility
Causes any true pandemic to become a flamboyant outbreak
The comet that signals black plagues has been seen

Fear too is a weapon, when you can’t stop the world
Because it’s too costly to do so, and you can’t
Tell the world not to fly because we’re too free
We left Africa a long time ago, but who among us
Would stand 20 meters from their open graves?

Aftermath in Realtime:

1. http://healthmap.org/ebola/
2. http://healthmap.org/en/

1. What city in Europe has the greatest chance of being the first major outbreak area?

That would be Paris, France.

2. What Country has the greatest chance of losing the most lives in the next 3 months?

That would be India.

Related VIDEOS:

1. August 8th, 2014


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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_West_Africa_Ebola_outbreak
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Spread Rate of 1.86
4. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2612635/pg1

Reached Nigeria 27th July, 2014.

August 9th List of Infected Countries:

3.Sierra Leone
6. (Even as I wrote this) Senegal and Ghana likely have cases too now.

August 10th:

People are being tested in the following places. [not confirmed cases]
1. Bucharest (Romania)
2. Hong Kong(Hong Kong)
3. Chennai (India)
4. Brampton (Canada) patient was Negative for Ebola.
5. Hamburg (Germany)

Scarcity Scenario:

1. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2615340/pg1

34 thoughts on “Ebola, the 60% protocol

    • Fear is constructive in that it helps us endure in the face of adversity. Just like depression is a sign that we have to change our lives. From an evolutionary standpoint, things like fear and sex are good for marketing because they stand out in our primal awareness of existence. It’s just a pity that the USA has built their entire system of control based on such base emotions.

    • I’m not sure the fear of a plague is an illusion at this point? There’s a reason the News is under-reporting fatalities and the spread of this particular outbreak. They are afraid of the panic it will cause.

      • ach, its just another scare-mongering pandemic like the various animal flus that were distributed to the masses in the past few years. currently ive heard very little about the ‘outbreak’. and sitting in my flat in scotland i feel very far removed from the fear. fear, like pain, is a construct that we create for ourselves. until my fellow scots are dropping like flies around me, i will tend not to panic.

        how long before a ‘tamiflu style ebola medicine’ is getting pushed on us, i wonder?

      • I hope you are right Rob. For those of us who have our ear to the ground, there are signs that this will spread out of Africa rather soon and rather easily, since it’s passed the point of being able to “contain”, if it hits even just one major city, it could spread globally in a few weeks…

        The CDC seems to be suppressing how easily it is passed on to some extent. Every Western media outlet posts these stories about how it’s impossible that we’d get it. Either it’s complete propaganda or they don’t want people to panic because it’s a real threat.

      • exactly, we are now at the point of questioning the official line from organisations and government institutions we are supposed to trust.

        i knew someone personally who died from the flesh eating virus that was getting spouted as the new human extinction event at the time (90s) so i understand your point of view. but he was one of a very few people who actually died from it in scotland, and indeed, worldwide.

        i survived swine flu. i understand some did not but people die from flus and viruses every day. i wish it wasnt the case but wishing and shouting armageddon from the rooftops cant change that.

        and believe me, my ear use to be permanently to the ground. but it just wasnt good for me, or for those around me. to immerse myself in, and then peddle, fear from every article i read or report i watched regarding war, disease pandemics, the new world order, climate change and…meteor threats (for christ sake), etc was just counter productive and playing into the hands of those who benefit from such fear. and my family and friends got sick of it too! its worth being wary about.

        i look out my window and its a beautiful day. no dead bodies. no mushroom cloud. no zombie apocalypse. just sunshine, people mowing their lawns and birds cheeping. not sure if that makes for a riveting poem though!

      • I don’t actually talk about it in my real life, that would be sort of morbid.

        But ignoring something that is causing other human beings to die and has the potential for great loss of life is not really my style.

        People pass on a post like this because they don’t want to hear it, but this may very well be our global reality in the coming weeks, months?

        We can all choose to live as we please, not listen to other human being, but that too would be an illusion. Just because I may be into conspiracy theories, don’t mean I can’t mediate, eat healthy and be a positive person. Granted it’s not uplifting literature, but literature and even curiosity sometimes has to brave new worlds and to know both sides.

      • tis true. light and dark. we must examine them both. or not. free will, it is a bitch.

        choose your illusions i guess. and its not about ignoring other people or being blase/ignorant to causes of death for people on this planet. there are literally people dying every second for all sorts of reasons and from all sorts of causes. to examine them all, now that would be morbid.

        im interested to know why you make a distinction between sharing your ideas in your ‘online’ life and not your ‘real’ life? do you not share your poetry with your loved ones, friends and family?

      • Sadly I don’t know anyone in real life that might appreciate my poetry, my family isn’t exactly supportive of my artistic pursuits…I do distinguish between my intimate personal life and my online life, as much as I’d be okay with being a trans humanistic being 😛

      • haha! a trans humanistic being!? i like it! we are all going that way i guess. micro-chipped. personality uploads/downloads etc.

        well i reckon its your family’s loss. at least you’ve got us ‘unreal online folks’ to appreciate your work!

  1. An algorithm… an engineered apocalypse. Just a few minutes ago I read a post titled, “For the eye has this strange property: it rests only on beauty; like a butterfly it seeks color and basks in warmth.” ~ Virginia Wolfe

    Timeless words given how, even now, we easily shift our eyes, hearts, and compassion away from those most in need… because of fear.

    • There is a theory that a lot of news is a distraction for other news, which is fabricated. The age of objective journalism is likely gone forever, even as with the internet the multiplicity of sources makes twitter and youtube fascinating constructs of the blending of collective experience. That is a wonderful quote though Eric!

      • I ceased watching TV 14+ years ago. Haven’t even owned one since 1999. Stopped reading mainstream newspapers and magazines at the same time. I consciously and selectively choose what ‘news’ enters my pores. I have found many information sources that highlight and promote positive, constructive and inspiring stories/initiatives — even ones of substance. There is an abundance of good ‘out there’ if we change the filters through which we view and live, collectively.

      • I personally feel very positive about the golden age of neuroscience, astronomy, technology and the transhumanistic age that we are about to enter Eric, it’s a very exciting time for my generation, even with the cocurrent economic, capitalistic, environmental pressures and social problems of our times. Humanity has never been so united.

    • Hard to like the potential for mass deaths, no doubt. But every now and again, it’s worth publicizing a threat like this, even if it sounds hardly likely. Like a teenage civilization, we have illusions of invulnerability especially in North America.

  2. “I’m not sure the fear of a plague is an illusion at this point? There’s a reason the News is under-reporting fatalities and the spread of this particular outbreak. They are afraid of the panic it will cause.”

    I’m a strong advocate of “NOT” watching the news – there’s never anything, or not enough of, beautiful being shared – and there’s so much beauty in the world — I do believe most of what they transmit is an intentional fear based theory, a control mechanism (who owns the ALL the news stations and papers?). However, in this case i do agree with you. This outbreak is horrific and “they” – the powers of the world, just as I believe they usually attempt to keep is in some form of fear – do at times, this being one of those times, are trying to control our fear by keeping it from us – keeping the truth and reality of the magnitude of this problem from us. This fear is not an illusion – those most fear is … this fear is quite a large reality, and not so much a fear as a horrific nightmare of loss of life going far too unnoticed.

    • Yes if this does become a world outbreak, like there is perhaps a 60% chance of this becoming, I think it will be hard to deal with dense populated zones, since we’ve never really experienced anything like this on a scale of billions, can you imagine the disruptions to normal society it could cause, even if just 5% in our own home countries got it?

      Sadly it is the panic and mass-fear that elevates the anarchy that could potential ensue. With an estimated 50% kill rate, one has to wonder if this type of Ebola is a bit more contagious than they are letting on, since it spread to Nigeria (Africa’s most populated country) without much problem.

      American scientists were always interested in Ebola as a biological weapon, I wonder if some powers that be got a bit out of hand.

      At the rate that human beings travel and move about even in their own country and with a possible incubation period of 2-21 days before symptoms show up, we would be naive to think this wasn’t dangerous. Though I am sure certain people and drug companies have a lot of profit to make by such a world-wide event.

    • This biological weapon has been “engineered” just for populations like Africa, certain areas of China and India, I’m afraid.

      Exponential outbreak in a major Urban city will show if this is an actual real world threat, but so far the evidence of recent growth says it is…

      They are saying that Ebola can be contained in a clinical setting, but places like India, Mexico, Pakistan, China would clearly be very hard. You can’t “contain” something that has reached this level of outbreak.

      If the Governments/Elite WANTED this to be stopped, they would halt all international travel immediately, but I’ve heard nothing of that and don’t see that happening for perhaps another year…

  3. Wuji, first of all, I think your poetry is so very beautiful and perfect in every way! I hope one day your family will appreciate you, as I know many of us do! Secondly, you have written a very important post. I am particularly concerned because my daughter is returning tomorrow from Togo, the country that lies between Ghana and Benin. Benin already has it, as well as Senegal. Well–I listened to the above video—and now I am wondering what will happen to my daughter. I am scared beyond belief. I do think over-reporting/non-reporting/fear/panic/illusion—ALL of these things are present in our media today. Your poem presents the many facets of life today. I am glad that you wrote it and presented it to us!

  4. My grandmother died in the 1918 flu epidemic. In fact there is speculation that world war I was won not by people but by influenza. Earth is as beautiful as she is deadly. That’s the reality of it.

    You are correct to say, “Fear too is a weapon, when you can’t stop the world.” The trick is to make people think there is such a thing as “safe.” It makes the cruelty much worse. If the electric grid went down over North America today, the chaos and death would be in the millions. Indigenous people in the Amazon jungle wouldn’t notice.

    • That’s an interesting observation. In the engineer circus of world events and News, America will do everything in its power to cover-up how badly it is in Debt, and how fallen its empire is, even to the point of starting major international conflict to appear strong.

      • The founders of our country warned us. We didn’t listen. Had we listened, there would be no wars outside our borders nor would there be currency instead of a monetary system based on a gold standard. Anyone who is paying attention simply has to look at the fall of the Roman empire to see that history is once again repeating itself.

      • I could not agree more, I do think it’s by design though. The quicker America collapses, the quicker the elite can put into place a new world order, with even stricter controls on how the decades evolve, according to their plan.

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