Forever Arriving

The world changes
While we are stuck
Looking at each other
Lost in a sympathy of meeting

If two look out into space together
Are they then transported
As far as eyes have seen?
In some bright blindness of the stars?

To love is it to undress our names
To no longer be people but
Purely, male and female
Two mirrors of forms

Drunk in the plaza of biology
To turn eternity into empty hours
Ferocious memories of being a couple
Minutes in beloved prisons
That’s how the world changes.

8 thoughts on “Forever Arriving

    • yes it’s just how I feel. I grew up with a huge Buddhist tinge so sometimes matters of flesh and instinct seem a bit foreign to me like old programming.

    • yes I like the idea of inner masculine and feminine balance, I’m an astrologer at heart so the idea of archetypes and Jungian concepts appeal to me mostly

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