the tide of being


Before the big bang there was
only unity, the unspeakable origin
then uncertain light

created confusion in movement
life has always been
a dream divided
reproduction, independence
and the blood that unites us still

water, trees, fuel
the heat of our skin
we can remember

the forgotten syllables of
origins, even if we didn’t exist
the code is in our soul
to see the world with
spiritual eyes, calm as

unreachable centuries, billions
of years here or there
traveling in galaxies

as far as objectivity can travel
matter and energy interlaced
hands, female and male
in my heart I am never lost
though in my head I have yet

to find the reason for all this
touching the world with my eyes
I am foreigner and
I am familiar, but not truly known.

8 thoughts on “the tide of being

  1. As you know, I’m following you and so enjoy your poetry. I really like the flow and development of this theme, the repeated references and inferences about beginnings, encoding, and your relationship to these and your reflection.

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