I’ve known a river of bodies
Like a downpour of stars
And creative suns conjuring

The destiny of so many little ones
I’ve seen reptiles come out of oceans
And lovers come and go
I am the creation of what I see
The eye that watches another season

Is it really any different from the last?
I’ve known faces, a few thousand
Their water of truth, their truth of water

And music like songs, so many songs
And storms as thunder, lightning, rain
The sound of the rain was a multitude
Of rain drops kissing the earth
And pollen that is caressed by the wind

And flowers, so many flowers
All the colors of the known universe
Do other planets have flowers like these?

And other sentient beings, do their eyes
Cry in the drumbeat of time, the silent hum?
I’ve opened you and I’ve been beaten by you
And life, naked in my mind explores
An unlacing, a spreading, reproducing the ripples.

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8 thoughts on “Multiplicity

  1. Hello Wuji, Have you ever collected your poetry in one place, on paper, as in a book or ebook? I’m curious. I am an editor but I am NOT soliciting or seeking business–I am impressed with your body of work and think that maybe something more permanent than the Internet should hold a place for it. Is there a way for my children/grandchildren/progeny to hold it, view it…in something other than pixels of light or do you intend to stay in this realm of electric light? Thank you with love, Mary

    Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 13:58:58 +0000 To:

    • Thanks Mary, I figure my body of work is about 8k poems. It would be hard for me to collect it, though I suppose I’ll attempt publication if and when I reach a poetic destination. I’ll check your link out though 🙂 Thanks for reaching out….

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