The Soul Achieves Herself without effort


Gradual is our relationship
with the grace behind nature
another spectral October Fall
how the wizard sun confines

and the flamingo sunsets wave goodbye
the fires ebb, the flowers cease
their sport, the stars wink
at snowflakes on their fall

to carpet a sparkling web
sapphire moments drift by
at dusk in the cities
there is a soft glimmer

in the streets, it is cold outside
as we bow one by one into
our brief solitude, with visions
to guide us for the labours of tomorrow

paralyzed by the savings of gold
or the lack of savings in our bank accounts
the wisdom of life is a brief release
the details we once scrutinized

no longer seem so important after all
to live a good life, means different things
at separate points in our story
and nothing in the end intoxicates

like the God neurochemical
call it what you will, the spirit
lives on after all these subplots
the search for a diviner brand

of metaphysics, philosophy, utopia
until there are no visitors to our soul
but a diviner truth, a more united feeling
gradual is our relationship
with what’s beyond the scope of years.


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12 thoughts on “The Soul Achieves Herself without effort

  1. You’re the Man Wuji, firing off chemical reactions in my brain for a while now, and thence back to the Cosmos. Anyway try to read Gershom Scholem’s (Authoritative History) Book “Kabbalah”. Why? : e.g. pg 35. “They(Jewish mystics) drew extensively on the literature of the Sufis, the mystics of Islam and on the devout Christian tradition.”. . . all in search of satisfying the ‘needs’ of the common people in making sense out of life you could say. And imagine, Moslems sheltering Jews from Christian persecution. The intuitive wisdom that surfaces is something that we all cherish, and that I think is your ‘Forte’, illustrating the peace of discernment thru Divinity. A sort of heaven on earth thing realized. Top a certain extent.

      • Scholem’s book has a general index of 25 pages, 3 pages of source notes, abbreviations and a glossary. It really is an unrivaled history reference book of sorts, whereas all the others books I’ve read give no authentic source reference. His is like one stop shopping giving source identities. Besides most of those materials are archived and not usually available to lay persons. And that’s a young man’s pursuit. The cosmic as you know is scanning with delight your intuitive prioritizing


  2. This is utter perfection.
    The first half portrays the mystical beauty which prevails independently of awareness in this strange cosmic existence.
    The second half blends perfect sentences which actually describe my own spiritual outlook on time’s unfolding majesty. Beautiful.
    I’m glad I found your blog 🙂

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