For Those Who Don’t Know They Know


Think of yourself as nothing
Totally forget yourself for one minute
How sweet it is to be natural
Without egocentricity
Look and hear not just for yourself
But be what you see
You can enter the Universe of thought
The thought of the Universe
A state that is beyond time and place
But in order to enter the Universal
You must forget your troubles
And you must abandon your desires
Nothing is yours or will be yours
Leave behind your attachments
Think of yourself as nothing
To learn how to live freely
Not for pleasure, or gratification
Or for security, think of yourself
As part of everything, see everyone
As your friend, that is the only
Way to live for the new world
That has yet to be born.


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11 thoughts on “For Those Who Don’t Know They Know

  1. I have been working with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s meditation CDs. I find that rather than trying to push an emotion away, it works better for me to try to really feel and embrace it. If I do that, rather than resisting, I find that I can’t hold on to it. It is as if the emotion is stubborn and stays present until I embrace it: then it dissolves. Ditto with physical pain. I am learning to go to the painful area and just stay there. The brain gets bored pretty fast and looks for something else to pay attention to. It is quite counterintuitive and interesting. Hugs!

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