I am Silent


There is no grasping Loveliness
That is mystic nectar
Spirit indivisible, nature pure
As morning breeze and dawn
Unreflected, as the wordless measures

Of the few drops of grace
We may experience in our lives
Longing for the Universe
The soul finds a strange victory
In God, divinity, the goodness in

Act, speech, thought, kindness
In empowering life, children
In protecting others, the elderly
In helping others, the less fortunate
In meditation, to a cosmos everywhere

How many voices of love do I hear?
Lao Tzu, Hafiz, Rabia, Arabi
Krishna, what indulgence is this?
She and I no more, but One
In Sanskrit wedding of the psychic being

Undivided, blended and in union
With all aspects of creation
Identity, empathy and identification
That is the key, the Room for One
The Beloved, the mystic drink

In music, in art, in rituals, in relationships
In life, residing as if in love’s city
Come then, Thou art the Soul
Thou art the bringer of the point intense
That spins, as centuries, that spins as trance

Fierce and tender, slow and sweet
Divine and human, Beloved, whose
Drink is flowers, blood, friendship
The peace of silence and surrender
The love that comes when every atom
Grows articulate with a thirst for divinity.


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Photo Courtesy:
1. http://starg691.deviantart.com/art/Esprit-Confus-467828162
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Whispers of Music


Birdsong brings relief
To my inner music
Whispers that became a voice
Of a girl looking at the moon
That was my daughter and not

Ecstatic for some star practice
Souls that laugh in light
Watersong brings relief
To my inner waiting
Some song ran through me

Whispers that became a melody
Lovesong brings relief
To all the sorts of desires
I used to play in my mind
Whispers that became a voice

How blind and deaf I was
Truthsong sees unity everywhere
Even in the sorrow and drama of the world
The minute I realized this
I was never the same again

Spirit sees nothing to criticize
Soulsong loves an entire lifetime
No matters the ills, no matter the obstacles.

So sing me a song, O love
O purity O deep music
Let me serve a higher cause
Like stainless endless radiance.


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Photo Courtesy:

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The Flat Land

(a play on words based on T.S Eliot’s the Waste Land)


November is the cruelest month, destroying
What once was for what will be
The snow will stalk our dreams, hoping
To fill the emptiness of another summer’s end
Earth will forget the dead
As I forget what it was to be a student

Labour fuels my hours, surviving
One year to the next, a broken man
Where is the Spring I once knew so well?
Where is my heart in this cruel world?
Where is time but in these broken images?
Memory is insufficient to be my food

The wind howls and I am the trees
Who have endured so much, again and again
The famous shadows on the ground mean nothing
They are what they were, darkness spreading
These unreal cities are all the same
With their cosmopolitan jargon and anonymity

Each trying to out duel the next, competition
In the workplace, in the dating market
One must be so careful these days
Friends depart without a trace, elders die
Families get divided, partners divorce
The winter dawn has its own beauty

A short and infrequent storm, the bloom
Of white to carpet our weary feet
On roads of fate, sometimes without shelters
Without kindred souls who know us deeply
The synthetic atmospheres of urban life
A society of white walkers, whose truth

Only mimics the fallen empires of liberty
The false figures of unemployment rates
Which do not count those who have given up
Indebted states, welfare states, police states
And the persistent rumour that democracy is dead.


Photo Courtesy:

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Birth of the Global Brain


(A Transhumanistic Manifesto) circa 2014

The sunflower has turned its flayed body
To the north, Autumn is coming
The image that burns all bridges
The bells of blood in my chest have broken
The incestuous seasons have not repented
Time has no red lights, no stop signs
The words and memes leap like horses
Ahead of the wind, but nothing changes
Only cities keep growing and decaying
Corrupt politicians keep lying
Only the conscious machine can save us
The Gods that were our children, computers
Our intelligence was insufficient collectively
Eros and milk no longer will have a place
The metropolis doesn’t care for you
And the free states are no longer free
Portable rainbows will become the norm
Time is weightless in the matrix
Binary gives way to quantum simultaneity
Alphabets give way to shared artificial intelligence.


Photo Courtesy:

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